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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Experimental investigation of the wall deposition of food containing carbohydrates, in a pilot scale spray dryerOzmen, Linda
Mar-2015Experimental observations of spherical plasma oscillations in a positively pulsed inertial electrostatic confinement deviceBandara, Rehan
1961Experimental observations on the hardness of enamelNewbrun, Ernest; Faculty of Dentistry
Jan-2016Experimental PracticesBegley, Ciaran John
31-Mar-2014Experimental study of fluid flow and heat transfer in tortuous microchannelsDai, Zhenhui
1999Experimental Tendering: An Analysis of Experiences from the Road/Ferry Sector in NorwayHauge, Olav
Jul-2014Experimentally evolved trypanosome: infection success and virulence in the bumblebeeMarxer, Monika; Schmid-Hempel, Paul
18-Apr-2012Experimenting with Flute Vibrato SynthesisBolster, Liz
BeaumontExperiments1834.tif.jpg1834Experiments and observations on the gastric juice, and the physiology of digestion.Beaumont, William
2012Experiments in Cross-Scalar Labour Organizing: Reflections on Trade Union-Building Work in Aceh after the 2004 TsunamiFord, Michele; Dibley, Thushara
31-Mar-2017Experiments on the efficacy and safety of radiofrequency ablation in the in vitro myocardial phantom and in vivo ovine modelBhaskaran, Abhishek
Dec-2014Expert Q&A on reproductive screeningNewson, A.J.
2007Experts Don’t Know Everything: Governance Issues Associated With Transport And DisadvantageWear, Andrew
2017Experts’ inventory and rating of core performance indicators and organisational features in public transport: a global Delphi surveyHirschhorn, Fabio; Veeneman, Wijnand; van de Velde, Didier
2012Explaining Failure Through Success: A critical analysis of reduction in road and stroke deaths as an explanation for Australia’s low deceased organ donation rates.Bendorf, A; Kerridge, I; Kelly, P; Pussell, B; Guasch, X
Aug-1986Explaining International Differences in Public Expenditure: An Empirical StudySaunders, Peter; Economics
27-Jan-2017The Explanatory Autonomy of the Biological SciencesWei, Fang
23-Dec-2005Explicit endomorphisms and correspondencesSmith, Benjamin Andrew
26-Apr-2013Exploding the debt threshold mythBabones, Salvatore
Jul-2014Exploiting honey bee learning and foraging behavior for biosecurityMas, Flore; Henderson, Colin; Bromenshenk, Jerry; Stringer, Lloyd; Suckling, Max