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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Sep-2016Expression optimisation, inhibition and structural studies of human kynurenine aminotransferase 2Sun, Guanchen
2013Exquisite, apart: remoteness and/as resistance.Walker, Charles; Tiatia, Angela; Antonczak, Laurent; Eimke, Andrea; Watkins, Clinton
19-Jun-2015The extend of orthodontically induced inflammatory root resoption following transverse and vertical jiggling movement with heavy forces for 12 weeks: A micro-CT studyNg, Carolyn Lian Tat; Faculty of Dentistry
31-Mar-2014An extended HD Fluent Analysis of Temporal knowledge in OWL-based clinical Guideline SystemLI, Hongsheng
2012Extended Poincaré supersymmetry in three dimensions and supersymmetric anyonsChaichian, M; Tureanu, A; Zhang, Ruibin; Mathematics & Statistics
28-Feb-2017Extending Wireless Powered Communication Networks for Future Internet of ThingsRamezani, Parisa
2011An Extension of the Theory of Planned Behavior to Predict Immediate Hedonic Behaviors and Distal Benefit BehaviorsCollins, Anna; Mullan, Barbara
2007The extent of root resorption after the application of continuous and controlled orthodontic forces for 12 weeks: a micro-ct scan studyPaetyangkul, Anchalee; Faculty of Dentistry
2011The extent of root resorption following the application of ascending and descending magnetic forces A micro CT studyHuang, Tiffany
Jul-2014Extinction of ants' feeding and social foraging on myrmecochorous seedsBologna, Audrey; Detrain, Claire
1963Extra - oral force in orthodonticsMiles, R.; Faculty of Dentistry
18-Jun-2014The extracellular matrix protein fibulin-1 in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosisJaffar, Jade
31-Mar-2014Extracting and Attributing Quotes in Text and Assessing them as OpinionsO'Keefe, Timothy William
2012Extracting ontological structures from collaborative tagging systemsLin, Winston Huairen.; School of Information Technologies.
1958Extractions In Orthodontic Therapy - Growth And Development - Class III MalocclusionMccrossin, R.H.; Faculty of Dentistry
26-Jan-2017The Extragalactic Sky at Low Radio Frequencies: A Study of Peaked-Spectrum SourcesCallingham, Joseph Russell
2005Extrustion and expansion of cereal grains promotes variable energy yields in pigs, broiler chickens and laying hensvan Barneveld, R. J; Hughes, R. J; Choct, M; Tredrea, A. M; Nielsen, S. G
2001Eye movement, memory and tempo in the sight reading of keyboard musicSouter, Tony; Sydney Conservatorium of Music
2001Eye movement, memory and tempo in the sight reading of keyboard musicSouter, Tony; Sydney Conservatorium of Music
2013Eye spy: art, visibility and global war.Seymour, Margaret