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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Aug-2013Evolutionary Algorithms for Community Detection in Complex NetworksAmiri, Babak
14-Apr-2014Evolutionary Analysis of Ancient DNA SequencesMolak, Martyna
Jul-2014Evolutionary consequences of and selection on recombination in automictic populationsEngelstaedter, Jan
Jul-2014The evolutionary genetic basis of social regulation of caste developmentLinksvayer, Timothy
Dec-2014The Evolutionary Genetics of Thelytokous Parthenogenesis in Eusocial HymenopteraGoudie, Frances
Jul-2014Evolutionary processes in invasive and non-invasive ant supercoloniesHelantera , Heikki
2002Evolutionary structural optimisation as a robust and reliable design toolProos, Kaarel Andres
27-May-2016Evolving applications of cardiovascular magnetic resonance in clinical cardiologyKozor, Rebecca Alexandra
2014The evolving case for peace journalismMcGoldrick, Annabel
Jul-2014Evolving eusociality: The effects of manipulation, relatedness and genetic diversity.Nonacs, Peter
2002Evolving Synoptic Maps of the solar magnetic fieldMcCloughan, John Leslie
4-Mar-2016Evolving Vernacular Architecture: Case Studies in Sichuan, China, 18th-20th CenturyMin, Shu
Apr-2003Ewe-lamb transmission of ovine Johne's Disease.NSW Agriculture. Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute
1-Aug-2016Ex avibus: Distributed Performance by way of Migratory Shorebirds on the East Asian-Australasian FlywayCampbell, Barbara
2016Ex Typographia Savariana: Printing and Orientalism in Early Modern FranceSmith, Darren; Jóga (Nom de Plume)
2014The ex vivo neurotoxic, myotoxic and cardiotoxic activity of cucurbituril-based macrocyclic drug delivery vehiclesOun, Rabbab; Floriano, Rafael S.; Isaacs, Lyle; Rowan, Edward G.; Wheate, Nial J.; University of Sydney; Faculty of Pharmacy
23-Sep-2015Exact ABC using Importance SamplingTran, Minh-Ngoc; Kohn, Robert; Discipline of Business Analytics, University of Sydney
2009Exact solutions of noncommutative vacuum Einstein field equations and plane-fronted gravitational wavesZhang, Ruibin; Wang, Ding; Zhang, Xiao; Mathematics & Statistics
7-Aug-2009The exact transmission of texts in the first millennium BCE - an examination of the cuneiform evidence from Mesopotamia and the Torah scrolls from the western shore of the Dead SeaHobson, Russell