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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989Expansive Side Effects In The Buccal Segments Of Begg Spur-Type Torquing Auxiliaries:- A Laboratory StudyFrench, Scott Fraser; Faculty of Dentistry
16-Jul-2012Expectancies in Double-Blind Randomised Placebo-Controlled Trials and Placebo-Induced Side EffectsColagiuri, Ben
2007The Experience and Positioning of Affect in the Context of Intersubjectivity: The Case of Premenstrual SyndromeUssher, JM; Perz, J; Mooney-Somers, Julie
2001The experience of being a clinical educatorMcAllister, Lindy; School of Physiotherapy
14-Oct-2014The experience of ovarian cancer in Australia: a phenomenological studyJayde, Victoria Lavender
2016The experience of survival following allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation in New South Wales, AustraliaGifford, G.; Gilroy, N; Dyer, G; Brice, L; Kabir, M.; Greenwood, M; Larsen, S; Moore, J; Gottlieb, D; Hertzberg, M; Kwan, J; Huang, G; Tan, J; Brown, L; Hogg, M; Ward, C; Kerridge, I
16-Nov-2010the experiences of caring for someone after stroke : a qualitative study of caregivers and stroke survivors.El Masry, Yasmeen
2012Experiences of dental care: what do patients value?Sbaraini, A; Carter, SM; Evans, W; Blinkhorn, A
28-Feb-2017The Experiences of Women who Mother Children with Disabilities: Maternality, Relationality, SubjectivityBrock, Sophia Ashleigh Manuel
2005Experiences With Regulatory Changes Of The Taxi IndustryBekken, Jon-Terje
31-Mar-2016Experimental and analytical investigation of radiation-induced natural convection in the near shore regions of lakes and reservoirsNaghib, Abolghasem
31-Mar-2015Experimental and Kinetics Modelling Studies of NOx, N2O, and O3 in Plasma DischargesZangouei, Mohammad
8-Jan-2015Experimental and Theoretical Charge Density Distribution in Pigment Yellow 101Du, Jonathan J; Váradi, Linda; Tan, Jinlong; Zhao, Yiliang; Groundwater, Paul W.; Platts, James A.; Hibbs, David E.
Dec-2014Experimental characterisation of the mechanical properties and microstructure of Acrocomia mexicana fruit from the Yucatan Peninsula in MexicoFlores-Johnson, E.A.; Carrillo, J.G.; Gamboa, R.A.; Shen, Luming
21-Jul-2014Experimental Characterisation of Ultrasonically Welded COFA JointsZhang, James Yinye
1996Experimental Conditions For Stress Relaxation Test Of Orthodontic Elastomeric ChainsCharoenying, Hataichanok; Faculty of Dentistry
2013Experimental cultures and epistemic spaces in artistic research.Newman, Andrew; Tarasiewicz, Matthias
1966Experimental Dental Caries In The Rat: Studies On The Effect Of Dietary Supplements Of Calcium Phosphate, Sea Salt And Sodium FluorideBarnard, Peter D; Faculty of Dentistry
1970Experimental EndodonticsBarker, B. C. W.; Faculty of Dentistry
2015Experimental infections of Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas using the Australian OsHV-1 µVar strainPaul-Pont, I; Evans, O; Dhand, Navneet K.; Whittington, R. J.; Veterinay Science