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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Sep-2016Evaluating the success of a workplace health and wellbeing intervention using a small group of repeat-respondents from a large repeated cross-sectional surveyChappell, Kate; Sydney School of Public Health
1999Evaluating Urban Buses Performance: A Comparative Analysis of Brazilian MethodologiesSantos, Enilson; Orrico, Rômulo
Jun-2001Evaluation and comparison of two methods of abattoir surveillance for detection of ovine Johne’s Disease.Denholm, L; Ryan, M; Lugton, I
2008Evaluation and utilization of Aegilops germplasm for biofortification of wheat for high grain iron and zinc contentTiwari VK; Rawat N; Singh N; Randhawa GS; Singh K; Chhuneja P; Tripathi SK; Dhaliwal HS
18-Apr-2013Evaluation Framework for NSW Implementation of Healthy Workers InitiativeSt.George, Alexis; King, Lesley; PANORG
2013Evaluation in public art: the Light Logic exhibition.Candy, Linda; Edmonds, Ernest; Alarcón, Ximena; Smith, Sophy
Feb-2000Evaluation Methodologies for Transport Projects in the United Kingdom: Dealing with Multi-modal QuestionsVickerman, Roger; Institute of Transport Studies
1969An Evaluation Of .016 Inch Orthodontic Light WiresMasson, Ronald James; Faculty of Dentistry
2011Evaluation of a Community-wide Diabetes Prevention ProgramCardona-Morrell, Magnolia
8-Aug-2016The Evaluation of a Complex Systems Approach to Enhance the Sustainability and Resilience of Food Production on Rural LandscapesBurdock, Robert Paul
1991An Evaluation Of A Eutectic Topical Anaesthetic (Emla Cream 5%)Vickers, E. R; Faculty of Dentistry
Nov-2005Evaluation of a heat-treated cake flour sample (by baking test)Guy, Joan; Value Added Wheat CRC
26-Feb-2014Evaluation of a trial of an e-health promotion course aimed at Australian tertiary music studentsIngle, Michael
23-Jan-2014Evaluation of an Extended Parenting Education Program in the Context of an Early Parenting CentreBerry, Karen Jean
31-Aug-2014Evaluation of angiogenesis in different dermal regeneration templates, Integra, Pelnac, and Collagen-PCL scaffold, using a novel murine modelMohaghegh, Mohammad Hassan
27-May-2011Evaluation of anionic half generation 3.5–6.5 poly(amidoamine) dendrimers as delivery vehicles for the active component of the anticancer drug cisplatinKirkpatrick, Gordon J.; Plumb, Jane A.; Sutcliffe, Oliver B.; Flint, David J.; Wheate, Nial J.
1996Evaluation Of Cardiovascular Effects Of Bupivacaine And Role Of This Agent In Preemptive AnalgesiaYounessi, O. James; Faculty of Dentistry
24-Jun-2016Evaluation of Chlamydia Partner Notification Practices and Use of the “Let Them Know” Website by Family Planning Clinicians in Australia: Cross-Sectional StudyGuy, RJ; Micallef, JM; Mooney-Somers, Julie; Jamil, MS; Harvey, C; Bateson, D; van Gemert, C; Wand, H; Kaldor, J
1988Evaluation of cognitive, behavioural and relaxation treatments for chronic low back painNicholas, Michael Kenneth