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Jul-2014The evolution of cuticular hydrocarbon profiles in antsMenzel, Florian; Blaimer, Bonnie; Schmitt, Thomas
22-Feb-2016Evolution of minimally invasive surgical treatments for benign prostatic obstructionWoo, Henry Hyunshik
Jul-2014The evolution of mound building in the Australian Coptotermes termitesLee, Timothy; Cameron, Stephen; Evans, Theodore A.; Ho, Simon; Hochuli, Dieter; Lo, Nathan
Jul-2014Evolution of nitrogen-fixing endosymbionts of termite-gut protistsHongoh, Yuichi
2001The Evolution of Organisational Forms in European Public TransportVelde, D.M. van de
Jul-2014Evolution of self-organized division of laborZhang, Jianlei; Zhang, Chunyan; Duarte, Ana; Weissing, Franz J.
Jul-2014Evolution of social hybridogenesis in Cataglyphis desert antsDarras, Hugo; Aron, Serge
Poster093.JPG.jpgJul-2014Evolution of sociality of ants under optimization-thermodynamic theoriesDas, Amlan; Navas, Carlos A.
Jul-2014Evolution of Syntermitinae from morphological and molecular analysisMartins Rocha, Mauricio; Coletto Morales, Adriana; Marques Cancello, Eliana
2005The Evolution Of Tactical Tendering In The Netherlandsvan de Velde, Didier; Hilferink, Pieter; Schipholt, Lars Lutje
Jul-2014Evolution of task allocation: selection for efficiency or robustness?Dornhaus, Anna
Jul-2014Evolution of termite defenceBourguignon, Thomas; Sobotnik, Jan; Kutalova, Katerina
Jul-2014Evolution of termite gut microbiota in Coptotermes and HeterotermesBourguignon, Thomas; Zhang, Manping; Evans, Theodore A.
5-Aug-2016Evolution of the Great Barrier Reef over the last 130 ka; a multifaceted approach, integrating palaeo ecological, palaeo environmental and chronological data from cores.Dechnik, Belinda
FoS_110.TIF.jpg21-Oct-1963Evolution to order-
Jul-2014The Evolution, Diversification, and Biogeography of the AntsMoreau, Corrie
17-Jun-2008Evolution, Mutation and Hybridity in Bio-Performance Practice: Wet Biology and Hybrid Arts in the Performance/Installation 'BioHome—The Chromosome Knitting Project'Fargher, Catherine
6-Feb-2014Evolution: procedural innovation in abduction convention determinations in AustraliaBarnett, Martha Rebecca Marie
31-Aug-2013Evolutionary Algorithms for Community Detection in Complex NetworksAmiri, Babak
14-Apr-2014Evolutionary Analysis of Ancient DNA SequencesMolak, Martyna