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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988Evaluation of cognitive, behavioural and relaxation treatments for chronic low back painNicholas, Michael Kenneth
2001An Evaluation Of Competitive Tendering In The Ferry Sector In NorwayHervik, Arild; Sunde, Øyvind
31-Mar-2014Evaluation of components for the heterologous expression of Mycobacterium chubuense NBB4 monooxygenasesLy, Mai Anh
31-Aug-2014The Evaluation of Dual PI3K/mTOR Inhibitors as a Superior Alternative to mTOR Inhibitors in Pre-B Acute Lymphoblastic LeukaemiaWong, Jacky Sui Ki
Feb-2005Evaluation of eradication strategies for ovine Johne's Disease.Taylor, Pat; Webster, Stewart
2015Evaluation of first trimester serum soluble endothelial cell-specific tyrosine kinase receptor in normal and affected pregnanciesSchneuer, Francisco J.; Nassar, Natasha; Guilbert, Cyrille; Tasevski, Vitomir; Ashton, Anthony W.; Morris, Jonathan M.; Roberts, Christine L.
2008Evaluation of genetic diversity of fusarium head blight resistance in European winter wheatZwart RS; Muylle H; Van Bockstaele E; Roldán-Ruiz I
2014Evaluation of imaging ordering by general practitioners in Australia, 2002–03 to 2011–12Britt, Helena; Miller, GC; Valenti, L; Henderson, Joan; Gordon, J; Pollack, AJ; Bayram, Clare; Wong, C
8-Jul-1998Evaluation of Immunochromatography DevicesHeywood, Russell; Skerritt, John; Quality Wheat CRC
2008"Evaluation of Iranian bread wheats by storage proteins ""gliadins"" "Salavati A; Boushehri, Ali akbar Shah-Nejat; Yazdi-Samadi B; Hassani ME
2014Evaluation of Korea’s response to the 2010 Haiti earthquakeJeong, Jinki
29-Feb-2016Evaluation of lentivirus-mediated reconstitution of the B-cell compartment in XLA patient-derived CD34+ cells in humanised miceWootton, Virginia
1986Evaluation Of Orthodontic PositionersVaughan, Peter Powell; Faculty of Dentistry
10-Jan-2017Evaluation of Orthogonal Cutting as a Method for Determining Mechanical Properties of PolymersWang, Hongjian
14-Oct-2013Evaluation of pathology ordering by general practitioners in AustraliaBayram, Clare
14-Dec-2015An evaluation of peripheral vascular access site complications following coronary angiography and percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI)Parkinson, Julie Lorraine
Jul-2014Evaluation of pesticide toxicity to the honeybee: a new approachPOQUET, Yannick; DUPRE, Marie; PHILIBERT, Jean-Baptiste; COUSIN, Marianne; TCHAMITCHIAN, Sylvie; BELZUNCES, Luc
Nov-2001Evaluation of PFC and AGID as flock-screening tests for OJD : National Ovine Johne's Disease Control and Evaluation Program.Sergeant, E. S. G
20-Aug-2014Evaluation of physical functioning in the older Person: tools and economic aspectsFarag, Inez