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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Aug-2014Film language: use of film language in narrative cinemaLu, Tianyi
2011Film learning as aesthetic experience: Dwelling in the house of possibilityJefferson, Miranda
18-Mar-2009Final Analysis for a large scale Randomised Clinical Trial: ADVANCELi, Qiang; School of Public Health
Jul-2014The Final Frontier Of Honeybee Cognition: Can Bees Learn Art?Reinhard, Judith; Wu, Wen; Tangen, Jason
24-Jun-2010Final report: pre-start farm safety induction program for entry level workersTemperley, John B; Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety
5-Jun-2016Final ReviewPerry, David
18-Jun-2014Final ReviewAhmad Rasidi, Ainnol Lilisuliani
18-Jun-2014final reviewZhou, Wenzheng
18-Jun-2014Final ReviewAnderson, David
26-Jun-2012Final ReviewCroteau, Matthew
9-Jun-2013Final ReviewHopkins, Guy
9-Jun-2013Final Review. Spectral Patchwork: Content-Dependant Spectral Processing for Mobile Audio DevicesOpsata, Adam
26-Jun-2012Final Review: Rotary Loudspeaker ProposalBrennan, Ryan
26-Jun-2012Final Technology Review - Pitch Modulated Vibrato FunctionLeong, Justin
Toneshaper GUI.jpg.jpg6-Jun-2016Final Written Review - High and Low Shelf Tone ShaperBrooker, Lucas; Digital Audio Systems, DESC9115, 2016 Graduate Program in Audio and Acoustics Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, University of Sydney
6-Jun-2016Final written review - PolygrainJaworski, Joshua; The University of Sydney DESC9115: Digital Audio Systems
12-Jun-2015Final Written Review : Digital Emulation of the Rotary Loudspeaker EffectDubinski, Lucas
6-Jun-2016Final Written Review, Digital Audio Systems DESC9115, 2016Pereira, Frederico; DESC9115 Digital Audio Systems, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, University of Sydney
1999Finally the skeleton : an analysis of archaeological human skeletal remains from the United Arab EmiratesBlau, S. (Soren); School of Archaeology, Classics and Ancient History