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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Aug-2014An examination of the care provided to Arab Muslim clients with type 2 diabetes receiving health care in Australia in order to expand our understanding of culturally congruent careHussein, Abdul-Kadir
15-May-2013An Examination of the Demographic Characteristics and Dietary Intake of People Who Meet the Physical Activity Guidelines: NSW Population Health Survey Data 2007Espinel, Paola; Khambalia, A.Z.; Cosgrove, Carmen; Thrift, Aaron; PANORG
2-Sep-2013An examination of the effect of heavy menstrual bleeding on women's quality of life compared with women with normal menstrual lossBashir Elkharraz, Ahlam
2013An examination of the effects of using glycerol and wheat dry distillers grains with soluble in sheep dietsAvila Stagno, Jorge
1984An Examination of the Ideologies Underlying Nineteenth Century Scholarly Researches into the Viking AgeCusack, Carole M.; Department of Studies in Religion
25-Feb-2015Examination of the impact of a secondary school mental health and wellbeing promotion programme upon the physical self-perception, body image concerns and worries of early adolescent malesMugridge, Anna Catherine
1974An examination of the parole of prisoners in N.S.W.Sydney Institute of Criminology; The Institute of Criminology; Sydney University Law School
23-Apr-2007Examination of the Role of p53 in Embryo and Sperm FunctionGunay, Nida
2001Examined lives : academic performances of girls and boys in final, public secondary school examinations in New South Wales (1884-1995)Kamperos, Georgia
30-Sep-2016Examining antibiotic resistance in the feedlot cattle industry using real-time, quantitative PCR (qPCR) and enterococci as an indicator bacteriumBeukers, Alicia
Nov-2002Examining HSC English - questions and answersRosser, Garry
25-Feb-2016Examining psychosocial factors that influence hepatitis C treatment adherence and completionSublette, Victoria Anne
2002Examining stress and response to stress in medical students and new medical graduatesDaly, Michele
2008Examining teacher responses to a professional learning program addressing learning disabilitiesMunyard, Kay; Sullivan, Lyndall; Skues, Jason; Cunningham, Everarda
30-Sep-2015Examining the Autoimmune Hypothesis in Paediatric New-Onset Psychosis: A Pilot StudyPathmanandavel, Karrnan
15-Mar-2017Examining the benefit of occupational therapy with older adults: Measuring functional ability and costs of practiceWales, Kylie
19-Dec-2016Examining the clinical utility of the modified Alarm Distress Baby Scale (m-ADBB) for the detection of early signs of Autism Spectrum DisorderChristl, Marion Bettina
19-Aug-2016Examining The Psychological Wellbeing Of Stepparents: Utilising Social Identity Theory And System Justification Theory To Investigate The Impact Of Perceived DiscriminationBargh, Danielle
2008Examining the range of strategies mothers use to cope when caring for a child with an intellectual disabilityEvans, David; Strnadova, Iva
2-Sep-2013Examining the Role of Microparticles in Mediating Multidrug Resistance in CancerGong, Joyce Huai Xin