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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Feb-2014The Fall of the Sky-DomeDianne, Johnson
22-Sep-2010Fall risk factors and exercise in Parkinson's diseaseAllen, Natalie Elizabeth
Jan-2015The fallacy of the bolted horse: changing our thinking about mature-age Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university studentsPlater, S; Mooney-Somers, Julie; Lander, J
20-Jun-2008Falling Through FellatioStewart, Jeff
2012False Start: Quantitative representation of sportswomen in The Sydney Morning Herald in 2005, 2007 and 2011Wade, Kirsten; Department of Media and Communications
FalseworkSupport4_1_26.tif.jpg24-Mar-2006Falsework support for steel approach spans - Dawes Point-
15-Apr-2010Families of Choice: A qualitative study of Australian families formed through intercountry adoptionYoung, Alexandra Robin
2004Family care among elderly Chinese immigrants in Australia : a quality of life studyLo, Mei Han
10-Jun-2016Family environment and psychopathology in high-risk offspring of parents with bipolar disorderLau, Phoebe
4-Dec-2015Family Impact and Infant Emotional Outcomes when an Infant Has Serious Liver Disease: A Longitudinal Mixed Methods StudyBowden, Michael Russell
30-Nov-2016Family Impact: Chinese-background students in NSW selective high schoolsZhang, Xue Feng
29-Oct-2015A family of uniform lattices acting on a Davis complex with a non-discrete set of covolumesSercombe, Damian
28-Oct-2010Family Provisions and Equality Bargaining in Australia: Symbolic or Emerging?Williamson, Sue
1999Family violence in Indigenous communities: What is the impact of domestic violence on Indigenous families?Anders, Wendy; Indigenous Heath Studies
30-Nov-2015Fancy a dress-up? A portrait of the complexities of adult fancy dress costuming as a lived experience and material practice.Walters, Helen Veronica
2005Fantastic dreams : William Liu and the origins and influence of protest against the White Australia Policy in the 20th centuryGreene, Charlotte Jordon
Jan-2011Farm Injury Related Deaths in Australia 2003-2006Herde, E; Lower, T; Public Health
Jul-2012Farm related injuries mid year 2012 reportHerde, E; Lower, T
31-Jan-2012Farm Related Injuries Reported in the Australian Print Media 2011Herde, Emily; Lower, Tony; Sydney Medical School