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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009European Rail Reform - The Next StepsNash, Chris
18-Jul-2016Europe’s new aristocracyBabones, Salvatore
Jul-2014Eusocial evolution in termitesHoward, Kenneth; Thorne, Barbara
Jul-2014Eusocial evolution without fortress defence in aphidsUematsu, Keigo; Foster, William
7-Mar-2017Evaluating 'FearLess': An online self-help program for anxietyKelson, Joshua Norman
2013Evaluating a nurse-led survivorship care package (SurvivorCare) for bowel cancer survivors.Jefford, M; Aranda, S; Gough, K; Lotfi-Jam, K; Butow, PN; Krishnasamy, M; Young, J; Phipps-Nelson, J; Russell, L; King, D; Schofield, P
2014Evaluating an evidence-based care pathway for the management of anxiety and depression in cancer careShaw, J; Price, MA; Butow, PN; Clayton, J; Grimison, P; Shaw, T; Rankin, N
28-Oct-2013Evaluating changes in driver behaviour for road safety outcomes: a risk profiling approachEllison, Adrian Bachman
15-Dec-2016Evaluating Familial History as a Phenotypic Screening Tool for Colorectal Cancer in the Australian General Practice PopulationNaicker, Sundresan
2-May-2018Evaluating HealthPathways Sydney: adopting a system-wide perspective to capture the complexity of development, implementation and impactHuckel Schneider, Carmen; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
17-Jun-2014Evaluating heat stress in Australian wheatInnes, Peter Joseph
Mar-2014Evaluating large-scale paleogeographic datasets and their responses to geodynamic processesYeo, Lune
27-Nov-2014Evaluating midwifery units (EMU): a prospective cohort study of freestanding midwifery units in New South Wales, AustraliaMonk, Amy Rachel
31-Mar-2015Evaluating Parsers with Dependency ConstraintsNg, Dominick
12-May-2016Evaluating preclinical therapies for the treatment of tibial pseudarthrosis in neurofibromatosis type 1Deo, Nikita
26-Jun-2013Evaluating Structural Disease Progression in Knee Osteoarthritis with MRICromer, Megan
2007Evaluating student perceptions of group work and group assessmentWhite, Fiona; Lloyd, Hillary; Goldfried, Gerry; Brew, Angela; Sachs, Judyth
20-Mar-2018Evaluating the effectiveness of an online self-directed intervention for problem gamblingChebli, Jaymee-Lee
14-Mar-2018Evaluating the effectiveness of the Training in Interaction, Communication and Literacy (TICL) program in primary schools: A mixed-method pilot studyAlshare, Heba; Occupational Therapy
30-Jun-2016Evaluating the feasibility of a weight management program for overweight and obese cancer survivorsTurner, Jane Denise