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30-Jun-2016Effects of muscle fatigue, pain and warm-up on elite performanceMcCrary, James Matthew
Sep-2016Effects of obesity treatments on bone mineral density, bone turnover and fracture risk in adults with overweight or obesityHarper, Claudia; Pattinson, AL; Fernando, HA; Zibellini, J; Seimon, RV; Sainsbury, Amanda
27-Mar-2015Effects of participation and sense of community on change agents in an Indonesian sanitation behaviour change communications programGoodwin, Nicholas Jeffery
23-Jun-2016Effects of plant morphology and density on wind velocity, sheltering efficiency and sand flux profiles: a wind tunnel study of two plant types Cosmos bipinnatus and Ligustrum lucidum AitMiri, Abbas
26-Sep-2017Effects of Polycaprolactone Scaffold on Wound Healing and Comparison with Bioglass-Enhanced Scaffold Using a Rodent Chronic Wound ModelWang, Chao
31-Aug-2015The effects of positive, negative and ambiguous feedback on state anxiety and cognitive appraisals in Social Anxiety Disorder.Chen, Shirley Xi
2008Effects of post-anthesis heat stress and nitrogen levels on grain yield and grain growth of wheat ( T. durum and T. aestivum) genotypesModhej A; Naderi A; Emam Y; Ayneband A; Normohamadi G
2006Effects of premenstrual symptoms on young female singersRyan, Maree Carol
Jul-2014Effects of prescribed burning on ant communities on Kangaroo IslandNorwood, Sara; Mackay, Duncan; Whalen, Molly
Aug-2001Effects of processing parameters on dough sheet propertiesMorgenstern, M. P; Al-Hakkak, F; Pedersen, B. M; Larsen, Nigel; Quality Wheat CRC
Apr-2007The Effects of Prostate Cancer on Sexual Intimacy in Heterosexual RelationshipsCaetano, M; Knight, P; Weerakoon, P; Graduate Program in Sexual Health
Jul-2014The effects of rearing environment on physiological development of Polistes waspsJandt, Jennifer; Toth, Amy
28-Feb-2018Effects of resolution of lighting control systemsHu, Wenye
2017Effects of road pricing – some suggestions based upon experience from urban areas like StockholmHauge, Olav
29-Dec-2016Effects of sample orientation and processing temperature on dynamic recrystallization and mechanical behaviours of a Mg alloy under high strain-rate deformationGao, Peng
2001Effects of sprint training on metabolic and ionic regulation during intense exercise in subjects with and without type 1 diabetes mellitusHarmer, Alison Rosemary.; School of Exercise and Sport Science, Faculty of Health Sciences
8-Sep-2014Effects of Supplemental Oxygen in Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome: Mechanisms, Modifiers and Measurement ValidityHollier, Carly Ann
2008Effects of testing environments and crop density on winter wheat yieldMaric S; Guberac V; Drezner G; Petrovic S; Cupic T; Brandic V
27-Aug-2013The effects of thermal plasticity on interactions between speciesGrigaltchik, Veronica