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11-Mar-2016Estimating cancer distant recurrence rates from administrative datasets: comparison of cancer registry and hospital records.Patterson, Jillian; Arcorace, Maria; Marinovich, Michael Luke; Houssami, Nehmat; O'Connell, Dianne; Lord, Sarah Jane
Mar-2014Estimating endurance shuttle walk test speed using the six-minute walk test in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseWootton, Sally L; Ng, Cindy; McKeough, Zoe J; Jenkins, Sue; Hill, Kylie; Alison, Jenny A
Jan-2010Estimating Value At RiskLu, Zudi; Huang, Hai; Gerlach, Richard; Discipline of Business Analytics
19-Nov-2015The Estimation and Correction of Rigid Motion in Helical Computed TomographyJung-Ha, Kim
1999Estimation and optimisation of the performance of the race carNowlan, Daniel Sean
2006Estimation of a lower bound for the cumulative incidence of failure of female surgical sterilisation in NSW: a population-based study.Churches, Timothy
14-Apr-2016Estimation of adjusted rate differences using additive negative binomial regressionDonoghoe, Mark W; Marschner, Ian C
Jun-2011Estimation of Forward-Looking Relationships in Closed Form: An Application to the New Keynesian Phillips CurveBarnes, Michelle L.; Gumbau-Brisa, FabiĆ ; Lie, Denny; Olivei, Giovanni P.; Economics
16-Apr-2016Estimation of Hierarchical Archimedean Copulas as a Shortest Path ProblemMatsypura, Dmytro; Neo, Emily; Prokhorov, Artem
Apr-2012Estimation of Public Goods Game DataMerrett, Danielle; School of Economics
2010Estimation of sensitivity and flock-sensitivity of pooled faecal culture for Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in sheepDhand, Navneet K.; Sergeant, E; Toribio, Jenny-Ann L. M. L.; Whittington, R. J.; veterinay science
9-Sep-2016Estimation of transfers of care in planned homebirths using decision analytic modellingNathan, Elizabeth; Sydney School of Public Health
2014Eternal Cities: Rome, Constantinople, and their Antecedents as Symbolic Images and Centres of the WorldBaghos, Mario
2014Ethanol consumption impairs vestibulo-ocular reflex function measured by the video head impulse test and dynamic visual acuityRoth, Thomas N; Weber, Konrad P; Wettstein, Vincent G; Marks, Guy B; Rosengren, Sally M; Hegemann, Stefan CA
2004Etherscapes: Massless, Elastic, Technology and ControlTurner, Rhys Stephen
Apr-2016Ethical and legal issues in mitochondrial transferNewson, Ainsley J.; Wilkinson, Stephen; Wrigley, Anthony; VELiM
Jan-2015Ethical and Regulatory Challenges with Autologous Adult Stem Cells: A Comparative Review of International RegulationsLysaght, T; Kerridge, I; Sipp, D; Porter, G; Capps, BJ
2008Ethical aspects arising from non-invasive fetal diagnosisNewson, A.J.
2-Jul-2016Ethical Aspects of Cancer ScreeningCarter, SM; VELiM
2012The ethical commitments of health promotion practitioners: an empirical study from New South Wales, AustraliaCarter, SM; Klinner, Christiane; Kerridge, I; Rychetnik, L; Li, V; Fry, D