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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Elizabeth Harrower: Critical EssaysMcMahon, Elizabeth; Olubas, Brigitta
26-Feb-2016Elucidating the neurophysiological underpinnings of Dyslexia: Relationships with resting and task-based EEG markers, behavioural measures and response to neurofeedback interventionPapagiannopoulou, Eleni Anna
19-Jul-2006Elusive CausationMaslen, Cei
2006Emancipation of the surface: architecture of spatial dislocation: framing the 'soft inversions' installation by the re studioBowra, Liz
2004Embedded geographies and quality construction in Sulawesi coffee commodity chainsNeilson, Jeff
Jul-2013Embedding Core Information Skills At The Point Of Need In First Year ScienceArndell, Michael; Bridgeman, Adam J; Goldsworthy, Rebecca; Taylor, Charlotte E; Tzioumis, Vicky
2012Embedding Decision Heuristics in Discrete Choice Models: A ReviewHensher, David A.; Leong, Waiyan
21-Aug-2013Embedding Decision Heuristics in Discrete Choice Models: Assessing the MERITS of Majority of Confirming Dimensions, Extremeness Aversion, and Reference RevisionLEONG, Wai Yan
2003Embedding research as core practice for teachers: a model for whole school teacher learningMerritt, Llian
30-Aug-2013Embodied artistic interventions into the tourist fieldLAWSON, VICTORIA
Nov-2004Embodied experience: The function of empathic intelligence in tertiary arts educationArnold, Roslyn; Hughes, John; Faculty of Education and Social Work
6-May-2013EmbodimentFrow, John
2008Embodying Gay Men's Erotic Desires in Chat Room CyberspaceLosberg, Warren; Graduate Program in Sexual Health
16-Aug-2016Embracing Uncertainty: How do Social Workers Deal with Uncertainty in End of Life Practice?Wade, Stephanie Louise
2014The emergence and popularisation of autologous somatic cellular therapies in Australia: Therapeutic innovation or regulatory failure?McLean, AK; Stewart, C; Kerridge, I
Jul-2014Emergence of a Lévy-like searching through agents' local interactionSakiyama, Tomoko; Gunji, Yukio-Pegio
Jul-2014Emergence of colony-specific architectures in termite shelter-tube constructionMizumoto, Nobuaki; Kobayashi, Kazuya; Matsuura, Kenji
2009Emergent language shift in OkinawaAnderson, Mark Robert; Faculty of Arts
19-Dec-2016Emerging Communication Technologies and Public Health Information DisseminationDumbrell, Dan
2006Emerging Labour Movements and the Accountability Dilemma: The Case of IndonesiaFord, Michele