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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Oct-2016Enhancing generational change in patient safety in the pharmacy setting: an evaluation of pre-registration educational interventionsWalpola, Ramesh Lahiru
4-Jun-2015Enhancing intensive care outcome prediction with nutrition information available at admission: An analytic observational study conducted in 31 intensive care units throughout Australia and New ZealandSimpson, Fiona
20-Feb-2017Enhancing Physical-Layer Security in Wireless Powered Communication NetworksBi, Ying
31-Aug-2014Enhancing stochastic mobility prediction models for robust planetary navigation on unstructured terrainLui, Sin Ting Angela
2005Enhancing student academic regulatory processes : a study of metacognitive knowledge monitoring, strategic enactment and achievementArnold, Lynette S; Faculty of Education and Social Work
30-Dec-2015Enhancing the biocompatibility of coronary artery stentsYu, Young
4-Jan-2016Enhancing the Power of Endogenous Protein Phosphatase 2A to Combat Asthmatic Inflammation: Role for MAPKs and TristetraprolinRahman, Md. Mostafizur
6-Mar-2014Enhancing the reach and impact of parenting interventions for toddler externalising and aggressive behavioursTully, Lucy
Mar-2012Enindhilyakwa phonology, morphosyntax and genetic positionvan Egmond, Marie-Elaine
2014Enjoyment of eLearning Among Teacher Education Students in AustraliaRowley, Jennifer; O'Dea, Jennifer; Sydney Conservatorium of Music; Music Education Unit; School Development & Learning
2014An enlarged way of thinking: tragedy, philosophy and Kant’s Critique of judgmentCooper, Andrew James
15-Feb-2009Enrichment of skeletal muscle stem cell transplantation using chemotherapeutic drugs.Kahatapitiya, Prathibha Chathurani
27-Mar-2017The ENSO Cycle and Predictability of US Crop YieldsOrlowski, Jan Alexander Kazimierz
13-Apr-2009Ensuring Serializable Executions with Snapshot Isolation DBMSAlomari, Mohammad
Feb-1993Enterprise bargaining: experiences from New Zealand workplaces-
Dec-1994Enterprise bargaining: implications for occupational health and safetyHeiler, Kathryn
5-Dec-2012Entitlements are fundamental Human Rights, not political poker chips to be bargained awayBabones, Salvatore
2006Entrainment to extinction of physiological tremor by spindle afferent inputCathers, Ian; O'Dwyer, Nicholas; Neilson, Peter; Discipline of Exercise and Sport Science; Faculty of Health Sciences
Apr-2016Entrepreneurs and Ethnicity: Economic Development in China's NorthwestBird, Joshua Brendan