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2012Equity under the knife: justice and evidence in surgery.Rogers, W; Degeling, C; Townley, C; VELiM
2008Equivariant vector bundles on quantum homogeneous spacesZhang, Guanglian; Zhang, Ruibin; Mathematics & Statistics
2011An Era of Two Images: Japan in the Eyes of the Australian Public 1950-1960Fisher, Simon; Department of History
25-Jun-2008ERCC1 expression and RAD51B activity correlate with cell cycle response to platinum drug treatment not DNA repairStordal, Britta; Davey, Ross; Bill Walsh Cancer Research Laboratories
ErectionOfFalsework20_5_25.tif.jpg24-Mar-2006Erection of falsework - George Street North-
ErectionFirstLowerChord7_11_28.tif.jpg24-Mar-2006Erection of first lower chord member - Dawes Point-
ErectionOfHanger.tif.jpg24-Mar-2006Erection of hanger with special cradle-
ErectionMainBearing31_3_25.tif.jpg24-Mar-2006Erection of main bearing - Dawes Point-
ErectionOf2ndPanel9_5_29.tif.jpg24-Mar-2006Erection of second panel - Dawes Point-
Jul-2014Ergatoid queens actively contribute to colony emigration in Mystrium oberthueriBouchet, Diane; Peeters, Christian; Fisher, Brian; Molet, Mathieu
2010The erosion of Norman French dialect features: evidence from linguistic atlasesLiddicoat, Anthony J.
2009Erosion Of Primary TeethMahoney, Erin Kathleen; Faculty of Dentistry
26-Oct-2009“Es ist ein unglaublicher Betrug.” Ingeborg Bachmann’s literary critique of the journalistic mediaNittel, Gisela
Jul-2014Escaping parasite manipulation: Apoptosis and host-parasite co-evolution in Apis melliferaKurze, Christoph; Le Conte, Yves; Dussaubat, Claudia; Mueller, Thomas; Kryger, Per; Erler, Silvio; Moritz, Robin; Lewkowski, Oleg
Dec-2015Escaping the middle income trapBabones, Salvatore
2013Escherichia coli sequence type 131 (ST131) as a prominent cause of antibiotic resistance among clinical and fecal Escherichia coli isolates from reproductive-age womenKudinha, T; Johnson, JR; Andrew, SD; Kong, Fanrong; Anderson, P; Gilbert, GL
31-Mar-2014Esemble learning for prediction of the bioactivity capacity of herbal medicines from chromatographic fingerprintsChen, Hao
2015Esophageal atresia and tracheo-esophageal fistula in Western Australia: prevelence and trendsLeoncini, Emanuele; Bower, Carol; Nassar, Natasha
2010The esoteric and mystical concepts of the Mandaean Naşoraean illustrated scroll : Diwan qadaha rba d-dmuth kušţa (the scroll of the Great creation of the image/likeness of truth)Nasoraia, Brikha H.S.; Department of Studies in Religion
Dec-2016Essays in Behavioural and Experimental Economics: Self-selection and IncentivesBriscese, Guglielmo