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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Dec-2014The effect of oral feedback in one-to-one writing conferences on L2 students’ subsequent revisions to their workYousif, Mazin
14-Jul-2016Effect of oral nicotinamide on non-melanoma skin cancer and skin barrier functionChen, Andrew Chih-Chieh
Aug-2014The effect of post-incident discussion on psychological wellbeing and memory integrityBukalo, Leila
29-Aug-2014Effect of posttranslational modification on the Na+, K+ ATPase kineticsGarcia, Alvaro
1985The effect of processing techniques on the dimensional accuracy of acrylic resin dentures : variation in contour changes occurring during processing of resin denture bases according to curing techniquesLoSchiavo, Mark Francis; Faculty of Dentistry
17-Feb-2015The effect of psychiatric disorders on causal awareness in goal-directed action selectionGriffiths, Kristi Renae
1974The effect of radiation on the development and growth of teeth : a critical review of literatureMills, Arthur Anthony; Faculty of Dentistry
24-Jun-2015The Effect of Self-Imagery on Symptoms and Processes in Social Anxiety DisorderNg, Ashlen San
19-Feb-2015The effect of SH3 domains on dynamin activity and oligomerisationKrishnan, Saieaswar
9-May-2006The effect of sodicity severity and depth on irrigated cotton production at Hillston, New South WalesMuller, Felicity
Dec-1999Effect of Starch Properties on Bread, Baking Part 1: A to B Starch Granule RatioQuail, Ken; Yun, Hon; Quality Wheat CRC
2-Mar-2018Effect of storage temperature on the stability of spray dried bacteriophage powdersLeung, Sharon S.Y.; Parumasivam, Thaigarajan; Nguyen, An; Gengenbach, Thomas; Carter, Elizabeth; Carrigy, Nicholas; Wang, Hui; Vehring, Reinhard; Finlay, Warren; Morales, Sandra; Britton, Warwick; Kutter, Elizabeth; Chan, Hak-Kim
1989The effect of subgingival irrigation with chlorhexidine in the treatment of adult periodontitisTaylor, Barbara Anne; Faculty of Dentistry
2004The effect of systemic fluoride intake on root resorption in wistar ratsFoo, Matthew; Faculty of Dentistry
1999Effect of temperature and photoperiod on broccoli development, yield and quality in south-east QueenslandTan, Daniel Kean Yuen
1969The effect of tetracycline on developing teethSan Juan, Sofronio P; Faculty of Dentistry
2008Effect of the Gpc-B1 region from Triticum turgidum ssp. dicoccoides on grain yield and thousand grain weightBrevis J; Dubcovsky, J
23-Jul-2013The effect of the random breath testing policy in AustraliaMa, Xinyi
3-Nov-2014The effect of the Roquin mutation on immunity to mycobacterium tuberculosis infectionNagalingam, Gayathri
17-Dec-2014The effect of topical therapies on ulcer healing and the wound micro-environment in diabetes mellitusHenshaw, Frances Rachel