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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2014Emergence of colony-specific architectures in termite shelter-tube constructionMizumoto, Nobuaki; Kobayashi, Kazuya; Matsuura, Kenji
2009Emergent language shift in OkinawaAnderson, Mark Robert; Faculty of Arts
19-Dec-2016Emerging Communication Technologies and Public Health Information DisseminationDumbrell, Dan
2006Emerging Labour Movements and the Accountability Dilemma: The Case of IndonesiaFord, Michele
10-Jun-2015Emerging Therapeutic Options in the Management of Age-Related Macular DegenerationBroadhead, Geoffrey Kenneth
Apr-1993Emerging training patterns: productive, equitable?Junor, Ann
1999Emmanuel Levinas: Ethics, Justice and the Human Beyond Being.Thomas, Elisabeth Louise
29-Sep-2011Emotion elicitation as a window on children’s emotion regulation, empathy, and social adaptationFink, Elian
15-Dec-2015Emotion processing and dimensions of self-reported depression, anxiety and stress: A twin study of the specific and shared genetic and environmental contributors in males and femalesBurton, Karen L.O
29-Jun-2012Emotion Processing In Children with Conversion Disorders: A Developmental and Relational PerspectiveKozlowska, Katarzyna
15-Jul-2017Emotion Regulation and Social Adjustment in Adolescents and Adults: The Role of Suppression and ReappraisalChervonsky, Elizabeth
27-Jan-2016Emotion-Based Social Skills Training: Across the SpectrumRatcliffe, Belinda Jane
1-Sep-2016Emotional Flooding and Relational Schemas in Families with Early Childhood Conduct ProblemsWeston, Stephanie
30-Jun-2008Emotional Processing Deficits in Parkinson's DiseaseSchafer, Molly Clark
30-Jun-2015Emotional reactivity as a marker of familial vulnerability for major depression: An integrative brain-behavior investigationWatters, Anna Jane
29-Apr-2014The emotional well-being of young people having a parent with younger onset dementiaHutchinson, Karen; Roberts, Chris; Kurrle, Sue; Daly, Michele
2013Emoto - visualising the online response to London 2012.Hemment, Drew
2016Empathy and affect: what can empathied bodies do?Marshall, GR; Hooker, C; VELiM
2011Empathy and ethics: journalistic representation and its consequencesMcGoldrick, Annabel
2012Empathy for Prinz of the “Dark Side”Mathers, Ananda; Department of Philosophy