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31-Aug-2014The Effect of High Tibial Osteotomy Correction Angle on Cartilage and Meniscus Loading Using Finite Element AnalysisZheng, Keke
16-Dec-2010The effect of high‐frequency, low‐magnitude,Rogers, Olivia; Faculty of Dentistry
15-May-2014The effect of information about overdetection of breast cancer on women's decision-making about mammography screening: Study protocol for a randomised controlled trialHersch, Jolyn; Barratt, Alexandra; Jansen, Jesse; Houssami, Nehmat; Irwig, Les; Jacklyn, Gemma; Dhillon, Haryana; Thornton, Hazel; McGeechan, Kevin; Howard, Kirsten; McCaffery, Kirsten
30-Sep-2016The Effect of Infrasound on the Cochlear Microphonic in Guinea PigsLopez, Dominic
20-Oct-2014The effect of interface adhesion on buckling and cracking of hard thin filmsFlores-Johnson, E.A.; Shen, L.; Annabattula, R.K.; Onck, P.R.; Shen, Y.G.; Chen, Z.
1-Dec-2016The Effect of Interpenetrating Network on the Physico-Chemical Properties of Polymer-Bioactive Glass Hybrid Monolith for Bone Tissue RegenerationAnsari, Sonia
6-Feb-2014The Effect of Jazz Shoes on Dance PerformanceFong Yan, Alycia
3-May-2018The Effect of Kayak Seat Type on Kayak Ergometer Paddling at Two Different Paddling DurationsLok, YUN LOI
28-Mar-2013Effect of Krüppel-like factor 3 on glucose metabolismMaddegoda Vidanelage, Thilini Nilusha Jayasinghe
1994Effect of lateral soil movements on pile foundationsChen, Liefeng
3-Jun-2010Effect of lymph node yield in sentinel node biopsy for cutaneous melanoma on survival and recurrencePang, Tony
30-Jun-2014The effect of mammographic breast density in the digital imaging eraAl Mousa, Dana Samir
2008Effect of Mandibular Displacement on Condylar Cartilage Remodelling In Sprague Dawley Rats: A Micro-Structural AnalysisTan, Adrian Chiang Hoe; Faculty of Dentistry
31-Mar-2014Effect of maternal diet on offspring metabolic programming: changes induced by carbohydrate qualitySideratou, Theodora
6-Dec-2011The Effect Of Mechanical Vibration (113 Hz Applied to Maxillary First Premolars) On Root Resorption Associated With Orthodontic Force: A Micro-CT Study.Grove, Jonathan
2011The effect of mechanical vibration (Acceledent 30Hz) applied to the hemimaxilla on root resporption and tooth movement after application of orthodontic force. A micro CT studyTan, Daniel
28-Mar-2014Effect of microalloying Sn and (Sn+Ag) in Al-1.1Cu-1.7Mg (at. %) on clustering, precipitation processes and microstructural evolutionPoon, Ira Ivo Siu Ting
31-Aug-2014The effect of muscle fatigue on the stretch reflex and related mechanical changes in aging and ParkinsonismKalra, Chandan
20-Aug-2014Effect of nano-particles on mechanical properties of epoxy-based compositesZhang, Jianing
30-Aug-2013The Effect of Nano-Scale Interaction on the Physico-Chemical Properties of Polymer-Bioactive Glass CompositesRavarian, Roya