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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Direct simulation studies of suspended particles and fibre-filled suspensionsJoung, Clint Gwarngsoo
8-Aug-2017Direct Strength Method for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Sections Under Localised LoadingNguyen, Van Vinh
Aug-2018Direct Voice: Including the student voice in academic governance in a large, research-intensive universityJohnson, Rebecca Lynn
1970Directional analysis of very high energy extensive air showersBrownlee, Roger Grant
2007'Dirty deeds done cheap'? : employment relations and the organisation of work in the NSW commercial cleaning industryRyan, Shaun F
29-Oct-2015Dirty Tricks: The relevance of skill, expression and authenticity in contemporary clay-based artFry, Trevor
2-Nov-2016Disability and Digital Inequalities: Rethinking Digital Divides with Disability TheoryGoggin, Gerard
7-Sep-2015Disability and mobile InternetGoggin, Gerard
25-Mar-2014Disability at the margins: diversion, cognitive impairment and the criminal lawSteele, Linda Roslyn
2001The Disability discrimination Act and Developments in Accessible Public Transport in the UKMatthews, Bryan
Jun-2015The Disability Inclusive Disaster Resilience (DiDR) Tool: Development and Field TestingCentre for Disability Research and Policy; University of Sydney; Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Indonesia; Centre for Disability Research and Policy
8-Mar-2017Disability income support design and mental illness: a summary of the grey literatureMcAllister, Ashley; Leeder, Stephen R; Hackett, Maree L
Feb-2013Disability Transitions Across the Life Course: Preliminary Data from AustraliaEmerson, Eric; Honey, Anne; Llewellyn, Gwynnyth; Centre for Disability Research and Policy
6-Aug-2015Disability, Global Popular Media, and Injustice in the Notorious Trial of Oscar PistoriusEllis, Katie; Goggin, Gerard
14-Apr-2015Disability, Locative Media, and Complex UbiquityEllis, Katie; Goggin, Gerard
6-Mar-2019Disabled: Media, Fashion and IdentityLIU, MINGYUAN; Sydney College of the Arts
Dec-2008Disablism and Family LifeJarrett, Carmen Frances
Sep-2006Disaggregate Assessments of Population Exposure to Aircraft NoiseGreaves, Stephen; Collins, Andrew; ITLS
Sep-2018Disaggregating the electricity sector in a CGE model to allow competition theory to explain the introduction of new technologies to the sectorTruong, Truong P.; Hamasaki, Hiroshi; ITLS