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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Economics handbookUniversity of Sydney, Economics
1998Economics handbookUniversity of Sydney, Economics
1995Economics handbookUniversity of Sydney, Economics
2010Economics Handbook 2010University of Sydney; Faculty of Economics and Business
2-May-2005The Economics of CO2 Sequestration Scenarios Using Ocean NourishmentJones, Ian S F; Altarawneh, Mohammednoor
2010The Economics of Public Sector InformationPollock, Rufus
2005Economics students’ perceptions of their learning contextTang, Tommy; Robinson, Tim
2007Economising water: the changing status of water in the political economySpruyt, Danielle; Birch, Gavin
Jan-1991Economists, the State and the Capitalist DynamicJones, Evan; Economics
10-Jul-2012The economy is growing; It’s the realonomy that’s in recessionBabones, Salvatore
7-Aug-2008Ecophysiology and phytoremediation potential of heavy metal(Loid) accumulating plantsKachenko, Anthony
23-Apr-2015Edaphic and geographic factors underlying the heterogeneous regeneration patterns that woody legumes display following bushfire in Australia.Densmore, Valerie Susanne
1990The eddic tradition : a study of the mode of transmission of eddic mythological poetry in the middle agesQuinn, Judy; Department of English
31-Dec-2016Edge Feature and Optical Flow Terrain Aid for GNSS-Denied Airborne Visual NavigationWilliams, David Garner
2014An edition and critical study of the Salayatanasamyutta in the Samyuttanikaya of the Pali CanonPanitchayapong, Supranee
4-Mar-2015An Edition and Study of the Gos̱iga-sutra, the Cow-Horn Discourse (Senior Collection scroll no. 12): An Account of the Harmonious Aṇarudha MonksSilverlock, Blair Alan
May-1998Editorial and Front MatterO'Loughlin, Marjorie
May-2000Educating for active citizenship: a perennial debateKreibig, Dale J
2006Education and Social Work handbookUniversity of Sydney, Education and Social Work
2005Education and Social Work handbookUniversity of Sydney, Education and Social Work