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30-Dec-2017Dying to Be Heard: The Construction of (Dis)empowered Female Bodies through Illness in Late Nineteenth-Century German FictionConstand, Stephanie
FoS024.tif.jpg19-Feb-1962The dyna-soar-
31-Mar-2014A Dynamic Approach for the Generalised Beam TheoryTaig, Gerard
30-Jun-2016Dynamic Characteristics and Wind-induced Response of a Tall BuildingMoore, Alan James
2006Dynamic Designs of Virtual Worlds Using Generative Design AgentsGu, Ning
15-Nov-2016Dynamic Development and Interactions of Complexity, Accuracy, and Fluency in ESL Academic WritingRosmawati
Jul-2014Dynamic keyhole: a novel method to improve MR images in the presence of respiratory motion for real-time MRILee, D; Pollock, S; Whelan, B; Keall, P; Kim, T
31-Oct-2015Dynamic Modeling of the Geological CO2 Storage in Fractured Aquifers – Application to the Ordos Basin CCS ProjectLi, Cai
2002Dynamic Modelling, Measurement and Control of Co-rotating Twin-Screw ExtrudersElsey, Justin Rae
10-Aug-2011The dynamic prediction of company failure - the influence of time, the economy and non-linearityKim, Maria Heui-Yeong
30-Nov-2016Dynamic simulation modelling of policy responses to reduce alcohol-related harms: rationale and procedure for a participatory approach: supporting documentsAtkinson, Jo-An
14-Feb-2012Dynamic Workflow-EngineOttensooser, Avner B.
Dec-2008Dynamics analysis and integrated design of real-time control systemsTian, Yu-Chu
6-Mar-2013Dynamics and Ethics of Comprehensive Preimplantation Genetic Testing. A Review of the ChallengesHens, K; Dondorp, W; Handyside, AH; Harper, J; Newson, A.J.; Pennings, G; Rehmann-Sutter, C; de Wert, G
26-Feb-2009The Dynamics of Bid and Ask Quotes Set by a Heterogeneously Informed Market MakerDwyer, Gregory James; Discipline of Finance
27-Mar-2014Dynamics of Bragg Grating Solitons In Coupled Bragg Gratings With Dispersive ReflectivityHajibaratali, Babak
2013The dynamics of collaborative resistance: negotiating the methodological incongruities of art, cultural theory, science and design.Hudson, Kirsten; Ben-Ary, Guy; Lawson, Mark; Hodgetts, Stuart
Jul-2014Dynamics of collective worksite selection in weaver ants, Oecophylla smaragdinaBochynek, Thomas; Robson, Simon
Jul-2014Dynamics of Division of Labor in the Social Space Using Individually Tracked AntsBraunschweig, Raphael; Mersch, Danielle; De Los Rios, Paolo; Keller, Laurent
Jul-2014Dynamics of DNA methylation in honeybees: development and environmentForet, Sylvain