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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1966Ecology of the black swan (Cygnus atratus Latham).Braithwaite, L. W
15-Feb-2012Ecology of the feral cat (Felis catus) in the tall forests of Far East GippslandBuckmaster, Anthony John
2005ECOLOGY OF THE IMAGELopes, Abby Mellick
1997Ecology of the rocky shore intertidal barnacle Chamaesipho tasmanica in New South WalesJeffrey, Carolyn Jean
2005Ecology of the Spotted Tail Quoll (Dasyurus maculatus) and its interactions with eutherian predatorsGLEN, Alistair S
2-Nov-2005Economic Analysis of Improving Cold Tolerance in Rice in AustraliaSingh, Rajinder; Brennan, John P; Farrell, Tim; Williams, Robert; Lewin, Laurie; Mullen, John
2013Economic and social rights of women in India: a critiqueGuylani, Manjinder
1991Economic assessment on the synthesis of optimising control schemesGannavarapu, Chandrasekhar; Department of Chemical Engineering
2010The economic cost of farm-related fatalities and the perceptions and management of health and safety on Australiam farmsPollock, Kirrily Suzanne
1992The economic ideas of Antonio Genovesi (1713-1769)Augimeri, Paul Michael; Faculty of Economics
2001Economic Incentives to Increase Public Transport Patronage – The Theory and the PracticeGale, Jayne; Wallis, Ian
2010Economic Issues in Funding and Supplying Public Sector InformationCook, John S.
2015Economic losses occurring due to brucellosis in Indian livestock populations.Singh, B. B.; Dhand, Navneet K.; Gill, J. P. S.; Veterinay Science
Nov-1983Economic Policy and Catastrophe TheoryBlad, Michael C.; Economics
16-Jul-2012Economic rapture might be around the cornerBabones, Salvatore
2007The Economic Regulation Of Brazilian Intermunicipal Coach Transport (Tipo): Contributions That May Arise From The Courts Of Accounts RoleAragão, Joaquim José Guilherme de; Rolim, Fernando; Brasileiro, Anísio
Mar-1993Economic restructuring & industrial relations in Australia & New Zealand: a comparative analysisBray, Mark; Haworth, Nigel
Nov-1976Economic Strategies for RecoveryHogan, W.P.; Economics
Jun-1977ECONOMIC SYSTEMS: Towards a New ClassificationHaddad, L.; Economics
3-Mar-2014Economic-based Resource Management for Provisioning Scientific Application Services in the CloudChen, Junliang