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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Jun-2014Digital FlangersBasa, Tony
2001Digital images forever: implementing an imaging system in a cultural institutionDonkin, Scott
2013Digital imaging and artistic education: a pedagogical model with free software GIMP.Acevedo, Isabel Cristina Restrepo
8-May-2012Digital Implementation of VibratoClarke, Adrian
2011The Digital Nehan Songbook ProjectOlstad, John
2017Digital public transport in an era of sharing and collaborative mobilityHensher, David A.
2011Digital representation and the use of shared texts: the case of a theatrical prompt bookFiormonte, Domenico; Schmidt, Desmond
22-Nov-2017Digital Rights in AustraliaGoggin, Gerard; Vromen, Ariadne; Weatherall, Kimberlee; Martin, Fiona; Adele, Webb; Sunman, Lucy; Bailo, Francesco
2007Digital Sampling and Culture Jamming in a Remix World: What does the law allow?Fitzgerald, Brian; O'Brien, Damien
3-Aug-2012Digital Sociology: An IntroductionLupton, Deborah
25-Nov-2013Digital sociology: beyond the digital to the sociologicalLupton, Deborah
9-Jun-2013Digital Tube SimulationNicholas, Lynar
2000Digitising the record of a colonial culture - Ferguson 1840-45Coleman, Ross
13-Jun-2013Digitized health promotion: personal responsibility for health in the Web 2.0 eraLupton, Deborah
2006Diglossia in literary translation : theory and practiceSalah, Reem
2010Dignity and Narrative MedicineParsons, A; Hooker, C
2013Dilemmas in interpretation: contemporary perspectives on Berndt’s Goulburn Island song documentationBarwick, Linda; O'Keeffe, Isabel; Singer, Ruth; PARADISEC, University of Sydney
2014Dilemmas in the Compassionate Supply of Investigational Cancer DrugsLewis, J; Lipworth, W; Doran, E; Kerridge, I
26-May-2015The Dilettante: The paradox of a professional artist working as an amateurMcMahon, Anna Theresa
1984The dimensional changes of addition-cured silicone impression materialsPeppitt, Neil J; Faculty of Dentistry