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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2016Doubling Over: Anarchic American Comics, 1895-1967Juers Indyk, Benjamin
25-May-2012Doubling Times in FinancePhilip, Richard Charles
1995Douglas Stewart : poet, editor, man of lettersTaaffe, Benjamin James.; Department of English
2001Dr Ida Brown and the development of Australian palaeontologyHooker, C; VELiM
24-Jun-2014Dr Norman Swan in Conversation with Emeritus Professor Stephen LeederNutbeam, Don; Leeder, Stephen; Swan, Norman; Wilson, Andrew; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
12-Nov-2013Dr Robert Robertson: Fever Specialist, Eighteenth-century medical experimenter, naval health reformer and senior physician in the royal navy medical departmentShort, Bruce Hamilton
2011'Dragged into the Dance' - the Role of Kraftwerk in the Development of Electro-FunkToltz, Joseph
27-Sep-2013Drama with a Capital D: Text and Context in the Documentation of CurriculumJohnson, Valerie Frances Anne
11-Mar-2009Drama, Narrative and Charismatic LeadershipSharma, Abhimanyu; Work and Organisational Studies
2012Dramatic extraction and Polly Honeycombe's & c.Dale, Amelia
2009Drawing on the virtual collective : exploring online collaborative creativityBennett, Rick, 1963-; Sydney College of the Arts
2008Drawing the Lines: Health scares in the age of SARSHooker, C; VELiM
14-Dec-2015Drawing us in: The Australian Experience of Butoh and Body WeatherRobertson, Jasmine
23-Oct-2008Drawing Words, Writing ImagesWalker, Jonathan; International Research Fellow
30-Mar-2016Dress and Visual Identities of the Nyonyas in the British Straits Settlements; mid-nineteenth to early-twentieth centuryLee, Thienny
FoS_206.TIF.jpg16-Aug-1965Dressed for space-
Tulp1650.tif.jpg17-Jun-2008De drie Boecken der Medicijnsche Aenmerkingen 1650Tulp, Nicolaes
a1211058.jpg.jpg11-Aug-1894Drifted BackLawson, Henry
2008Drought adaptation attributes and associated molecular markers via BSA in the Seri/Babax hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum; L.) populationOlivares-Villegas JJ; Reynolds MP; William MW; McDonald GK; Ribaut JM