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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Economics and Business Handbook 2008 - AmendmentUniversity of Sydney
2009Economics and Business Handbook 2009University of Sydney
Dec-1993The economics and labour relations of Australian workplaces: quantitative approaches; proceedings from a conference held in Sydney, 19-20 November 1992 / organised by ACIRRT, University of Sydney, CEPR, Australian National University, WALMRC, Curtin University of Technology-
1999The Economics and Politics of Contracting out with the Private Sector: Evidence from the US Transit IndustryReja, Binyam
1999Economics handbookUniversity of Sydney, Economics
1997Economics handbookUniversity of Sydney, Economics
1996Economics handbookUniversity of Sydney, Economics
1995Economics handbookUniversity of Sydney, Economics
1998Economics handbookUniversity of Sydney, Economics
2010Economics Handbook 2010University of Sydney; Faculty of Economics and Business
2-May-2005The Economics of CO2 Sequestration Scenarios Using Ocean NourishmentJones, Ian S F; Altarawneh, Mohammednoor
2010The Economics of Public Sector InformationPollock, Rufus
2005Economics students’ perceptions of their learning contextTang, Tommy; Robinson, Tim
2007Economising water: the changing status of water in the political economySpruyt, Danielle; Birch, Gavin
Jan-1991Economists, the State and the Capitalist DynamicJones, Evan; Economics
10-Jul-2012The economy is growing; It’s the realonomy that’s in recessionBabones, Salvatore
7-Aug-2008Ecophysiology and phytoremediation potential of heavy metal(Loid) accumulating plantsKachenko, Anthony
23-Apr-2015Edaphic and geographic factors underlying the heterogeneous regeneration patterns that woody legumes display following bushfire in Australia.Densmore, Valerie Susanne
1990The eddic tradition : a study of the mode of transmission of eddic mythological poetry in the middle agesQuinn, Judy; Department of English
2014An edition and critical study of the Salayatanasamyutta in the Samyuttanikaya of the Pali CanonPanitchayapong, Supranee