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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
pullingcollaps.jpg.jpg31-Aug-2015Discomfort of the flesh: Antonin Artaud’s Theatre realised with new media technologiesPetrovitch, Debra
2008The Disconnect Between Journalism and Governance: A Critical Analysis of The Interaction of Journalism and Governance in the Virtual World Second Life.Boyd Jones, Annabelle; Department of Media and Communications
Aug-1994Discontinuous Payoff Functions under Incomplete InformationGill, Flora; Rose, Colin; Economics
2004Discourse and Configurations of GenderLarsen, Pia
1980Discourse GenresFrow, John
17-May-2011Discourse of ‘Dysfunction’: Sentencing Narratives and the Construction of Indigenous OffendingJeffries, Samantha; Bond, Christine; Sydney Institute of Criminology
2001Discourse Semantics for the Analysis of Change in LanguageStephen, Anthony; Jon, Patrick
2-Oct-2007Discourses of democracy and exclusion in the streets of Belgrade , 1968 - 1997Robertson, James
4-Nov-2009Discover the US CO2 emission in residential and commercial areasJIANG, XIAOYAN
2-Apr-2014Discovering design: enhancing the capability to design at the cultural interface between first Australian and western design paradigmsNichols, Crighton Dale
4-Apr-2017Discovering pathways to persistence for underrepresented racial minority women in STEM: a comparative study of women's, historically Black, and coeducational liberal arts colleges in the United StatesTully, Deborah Ann
8-Nov-2013Discovery and application of colorectal cancer protein markers for disease stratificationZhou, Jerry
31-Aug-2015The discovery of immunophenotypes associated with the diagnosis of human Prostate CancerVelonas, Vicki Marilyn
2008Discovery of novel genes for bread making quality by meta-QTL analysis of digital images of crumb structureSnape JW; Simmonds J; Leverington M; Fish LJ; Wang YK; Higgins J; Christoudolou V; Griffiths S; Millar S
24-Oct-2016The Discovery of the True Confucius: The Image of China in the Thought of Giambattista Vico and its Significance for Jesuit AccommodationismCanaris, Daniel Philip
2006Discovery processes in designingMurty, Paul
Feb-2012The discreet charm of the collective contractChong, Sophia; Guillén, Pablo; School of Economics
7-Aug-2008Discrete Lax pairs, reductions and hierarchiesHay, Mike
2014Discretion and the building of institutions: a critical examination of the administration of Indonesia’s overseas labour migration programmePalmer, Wayne Joseph
May-1985Discrimination in LendingYates, Judith; Economics