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10-Apr-2013Devil facial tumour disease: An investigation into the immunological factors that have enabled its spreadMorris, Katrina Marie
2012The devil is in the detail: best practice or catholic practice?Douglas, C; Jansen, M; Kerridge, I
2011The Devil's CharterFitzpatrick, Tim; Department of Performance Studies
2015The devil's in the detail: the hidden costs of private retirement incomes policyStebbing, Adam
16-Aug-2016The devil’s horn and the music of the brothel approaching adaptation and performance of tango for the classical saxophonistByrnes, Jonathan Lawrence
24-Mar-2016Dewetting Polymer Bilayers by Solvent Vapour Annealing: A Pathway to Manufacturing Biomimetic Water Harvesting Surface CoatingsAl-Khayat, Omar
17-Mar-2017Dexamethasone Modifies Cystatin C-Based Diagnosis of Acute Kidney Injury During Cisplatin-Based ChemotherapyPianta, Timothy J.; Pickering, John W.; Succar, Lena; Chin, Melvin; Davidson, Trent; Buckley, Nicholas A.; Mohamed, Fahim; Endre, Zoltan H.; Discipline of Pharmacology
2013Dérive in the digital grid, breaking the search to get lost.Psarras, Bill; Pitsillides, Stacey; Maragiannis, Anastasios
2001Diabetes and its effect on the life expectancy of Indigenous AustraliansMulheron, Tracy; Indigenous Heath Studies
22-May-2015Diabetes and lipid levels in Rural Andhra Pradesh, India - 2005 to 2014Affan, Eshan Tahrir
2012Diabetes healthcare strategies to cope with the growing epidemicMcGill, Marg; Overland, Jane
1974Diabetes Mellitus And Oral DiseaseGerard, Paul; Faculty of Dentistry
2006The diachronic evolution of directional constructions in MandarinDerek Herforth; Jane Simpson; McElvenny, James
22-Aug-2014Diagnosing Distress? Psychiatric and Therapeutic Constructions of “Traumatised” Young WomenTseris, Emma J
1977Diagnosis And Treatment Planning Of Maxillary Retrognathism Among Adult Cleft Lip And Palate Patients Indicated For Maxillary OsteotomyKwan, Joseph Sai-Kit; Faculty of Dentistry
FoS_124.TIF.jpg28-Jan-1964Diagnosis by computer-
Oct-2015Diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus: a systematic review of clinical practice guidelines.Tunnicliffe, David J; Singh-Grewal, Davinder; Kim, Siah; Craig, Jonathan C; Tong, Allison
31-Aug-2015Diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of ankle fracturesBeckenkamp, Paula Regina
27-Apr-2017Diagnosis-based and external cause-based criteria to identify adverse drug reactions in hospital ICD-coded data: application to an Australia population-based studyDu, W; Pearson, SA; Buckley, NA; Day, C; Banks, E; Discipline of Pharmacology
7-Aug-2015Diagnostic accuracy of optical coherence tomography in superficial basal cell carcinomaCheng, Hui Mei