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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Oct-2012Developing and evaluating an assessment to measure the impact and outcome after acquired brain injuryBadge, Helen
5-Dec-2014Developing better tools to detect hallucinations in Parkinson’s diseaseMills, Joanna Mann Zhuang
2007Developing Bus Rapid Transit Systems In Brazil Through Public Private PartnershipsLindau, Luis Antonio; Senna, Luiz Afonso dos Santos; Strambi, Orlando; Martins, Wagner Colombini
15-Dec-2016Developing game awareness, perception and decision-making in elite youth footballersTaylor, Andrew Peter
12-Feb-2018Developing Practice in Relational Spaces: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study of the Lived Experience of Youth WorkersWindon, Lisa Jane
1995Developing preservice primary (elementary) teachers' confidence to teach music through a music fundamentals courseJeanneret, Neryl Christine; Department of Music
2014Developing Societies - AsiaFord, Michele
14-Dec-2016Developing the evidence for a national salt reduction program in IndiaJohnson, Claire Catherine
2016Developing the rural health workforce to improve Australian Aboriginal health outcomes: a systematic reviewGwynne, Kylie; Lincoln, Michelle
Jul-2014Developing transgenics in the clonal raider ant, Cerapachys biroi.Trible, Waring; Olivos-Cisneros, Leonora; Matthews, Benjamin; Oxley, Peter; Kronauer, Daniel
1988Development and application of a mathematical model for the zinc electrowinning processScott, Anthony Charles, 1962-
Jun-1997Development and application of a prototype field test for detection of pre-harvest sprouting in wheatVerity, J. Christiana; Hac, Luch; Skerritt, John H; Quality Wheat CRC
1997Development and application of a structured model for animal cell metabolismSanderson, Charles
28-Feb-2017Development and application of simple FRET-based methods for aggregation-prone LIM domain interactionsRobertson, Neil
12-Dec-2016Development and characterization of synthetic injectable biomaterials incorporated with doped calcium silicate ceramicsNo, Young Jung
31-Mar-2015The development and evaluation of a play-based intervention for improving the social play skills of children with ADHDWilkes-Gillan, Sarah
1-Jul-2016The Development and Evaluation of a Psycho-education Booklet for Genetic Aortic DisordersLing, Joycelyn Jenda
30-Sep-2015Development and evaluation of novel thiosemicarbazone based ligands with anti-neoplastic activityStefani, Christian
13-Feb-2014The development and implementation of a hierarchal assessment scheme for the management of estuaries in NSWGunns, Timothy
28-Aug-2014Development and implementation of an evaluation framework for breast reconstruction decision support tool for women considering breast reconstruction following mastectomyGallagher, Olivia Beverley