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2005Determination of interactions between tegument proteins of herpes simplex virus type 1Vittone, Valerio; Diefenbach, Eve; Triffett, Damian; Douglas, Mark; Cunningham, Anthony; Diefenbach, Russell
7-Dec-2015Determination of losing and gaining reaches in Arid and Semi-Arid environments of NSWBerhane, Dawit
1988Determination of patterns in the abundance of Pomacentrus moluccensis Bleeker on the southern Great Barrier ReefMapstone, B. D (Bruce David)
17-Jun-2016The Determination Of Physical And Chemical Stability Of Pressurised Metered Dose Inhaler FormulationsOoi, Jesslynn Stephanie
2008Determination of relationship between HMW glutenin subunits and bread making quality in bread wheatMaleki M; Fatehi F; Salavati A; Behamta MR
1998Determination Of The Mechanical Properties Of Enamel Dentine And Cementum By An Ultra Micro-Indentation SystemPoolthong, Suchit; Faculty of Dentistry
1998Determination of the mechanical properties of enamel, dentine and cementum by an ultra micro-indentation systemPoolthong, Suchit
1999Determination of Urban Transport Policy in IndonesiaSoehodho, Sutanto
Aug-1987Determination of Wage Relativities Under the Federal Tribunal: 1953-1974Gill, Flora; Economics
2000Determiners and complementizers in Cook Islands MaoriHorton, Philippa; Department of Linguistics
21-Jul-2015Determining factors that influence access and uptake of radiation therapySundaresan, Purnima
7-Jan-2015Determining fracture toughness of chocolate from orthogonal cutting testLin, Fanhao
15-Jul-2009Determining predictors of resurvey score of Risk Perception, Risky Driving Behaviour and Sensation Seeking in a cohort from the DRIVE study.Butcher, Belinda; School of Public Health
Apr-2001Dethroning the Divas: Satire Directed at Cuzzoni and FaustinaWierzbicki, James
23-Apr-2015Developing a clinical pathway for the identification and management of anxiety and depression in adult cancer patients: an online Delphi consensus processShaw, Joanne; Price, MA; Clayton, Josephine; Grimison, Peter; Shaw, Tim; Rankin, Nicole; Butow, PN
2011Developing a Movement? Aid-Based Mediated Diffusion as a Strategy to Promote Labour Activism in post-Tsunami AcehFord, Michele; Dibley, Thushara
27-Jun-2017Developing a Polyrhythmic IdiolectGander, Andrew John
11-Sep-2014Developing a Stand-alone Internet Version of the Lidcombe Program for Early StutteringEerdenbrugh, Sabine Helene Van
2016Developing an evidence-based, nurse-led psycho-educational intervention with peer support in gynaecological oncologyBergin, RJ; Grogan, SM; Bernshaw, D; Juraskova, I; Penberthy, SO; Mileshkin, LR; Krishnasamy, M; Hocking, AC; Aranda, SK; Schofield, PE
2010Developing an Information Capability. Developing Practioner Survey & Focus Group FindingsHardy, Catherine A; Williams, Susan; Discipline of Business Information Systems,