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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Jun-2013Digital Tube SimulationNicholas, Lynar
2000Digitising the record of a colonial culture - Ferguson 1840-45Coleman, Ross
13-Jun-2013Digitized health promotion: personal responsibility for health in the Web 2.0 eraLupton, Deborah
2006Diglossia in literary translation : theory and practiceSalah, Reem
2010Dignity and Narrative MedicineParsons, A; Hooker, C
2013Dilemmas in interpretation: contemporary perspectives on Berndt’s Goulburn Island song documentationBarwick, Linda; O'Keeffe, Isabel; Singer, Ruth; PARADISEC, University of Sydney
2014Dilemmas in the Compassionate Supply of Investigational Cancer DrugsLewis, J; Lipworth, W; Doran, E; Kerridge, I; VELiM
26-May-2015The Dilettante: The paradox of a professional artist working as an amateurMcMahon, Anna Theresa
1984The dimensional changes of addition-cured silicone impression materialsPeppitt, Neil J; Faculty of Dentistry
1995Dimensional Changes Of An Alginate Impression Material Under Clinical SimulationSahu-Khan, A. Aziz; Faculty of Dentistry
2012The Dimensionality and Control of Human WalkingWANG, Xinguang
23-Jul-2006The Dimensionality of TimeWeinstein, Steven
13-Jan-2016Dimensions Variable: Art and InventionYates, Simon Innes
1960Dinamika organisasi social "Pemadan Api Sengkang" danhabungannja dengan Taruna KaryeSjamsu
31-Mar-2007Dingo media? R v Chamberlain as model for an Australian media eventMiddleweek, Belinda May
2011Dinner AddressLundy, Kate
21-Jul-2015Dipeptidyl Peptidase 9: Novel Natural Substrates, Intracellular Localisation and its Mechanism of Regulating Cell AdhesionZhang, Hui
2002Diphtheria and Australian Public Health: Bacteriology and its complex applications, c.1890-1930Hooker, C; Bashford, A; VELiM
2005Direct And Delegated Management In Provincial Urban Public Transport In France In 2003 - Using The Urban Public Transport DatabaseGouin, Thierry
2009Direct Awards in Germany – Design And EffectsGorter, Marc