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2015Development and pilot testing of an online psychosocial intervention to reduce anxiety and depression in testicular cancer survivorsSmith, A; Heiniger, L; Butow, PN; Grimison, P; Klein, B; Wootten, A; Abbott, J; Price, MA; McJannett, M; Tran, B; Stockler, M; Gurney, H; Olver, I
1998Development and regression of the human hyaloid systemZhu, Meidong; Sydney Medical School
14-Aug-2013Development and utility of novel peptide ligation methodologiesMalins, Lara
24-Nov-2016Development and Validation of an Electronic Decision Support Tool to improve Vascular Risk Management in patients with Diabetes MellitusChalasani, Santhi
2001Development and validation of an HPLC assay for simethicone in pharmaceutical formulationsLiu, Tina.; Department of Pharmacy
10-Mar-2009Development and validation of HRCT airway segmentation algorithmsChandra, Aneal
19-Mar-2015Development and validation of prognostic nomograms for metastatic gastrointestinal stromal tumour treated with imatinibLee, Chee Khoon; Goldstein, David; Gibbs, Emma; Joensuu, Heikki; Zalcberg, John; Verweij, Jaap; Casali, Paolo G; Maki, Robert G; Cioffi, Angela; McArthur, Grant; Lord, Sarah J; Yip, Desmond; Kanjanapan, Yada; Rutkowski, Piotr
21-Aug-2014The development and validation of the partner coping self-efficacy scaleGiannopoulos, Vicki
2008Development of a codominant PCR-based marker for the wheat Wx-B1 null alleleSaito M; Vrinten P; Ishikawa G; Graybosch R; Nakamura T
2000The development of a culturally sensitive questionnaire related to alcohol and other drug use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander womenDowd, Paige; Indigenous Heath Studies
18-Aug-2017Development of a Falls Risk Screening Tool in a Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Population: a two-phase projectMcKechnie, Duncan
4-Feb-2016Development of a finite element model for the modelling of topography induced internal wave behaviour in the coastal oceanTong, Judith Anne
26-Feb-2009Development of a Forecasting Model for Hedge Fund Failure: A Survival Analysis ApproachNg, Michael Siu Fung; Discipline of Finance
1-Jul-2015Development of a GIS-based hydrologic model and Decision Support Tool for Sydney estuary catchment, AustraliaProvost, Juliette Claudine
1981The development of a guideline for evaluating dental health education materials for dental auxiliariesNasir, Wan Mohamad; Faculty of Dentistry
Jul-2015The Development of a High Power, Broadly Tunable 3 µm Fibre Laser for the Measurement of Optical Fibre LossCrawford, Stephanie
2001Development of a large diameter ring shear apparatus and its useKelly, Richard
2001Development of a large diameter ring shear apparatus and its useKelly, Richard
3-Feb-2015Development of a Learner’s Grammar for PaakantyiAndersen, Elena Handlos
31-Oct-2016Development of A Low-Cost Near Infrared Device to Monitor Nutritional Status of Newborn InfantsMustafa, Fatin Hamimi