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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jun-2015Digital Audio Systems Final Written Review - LimitersAitken, Alex
Jun-2000Digital conversion of Nineteenth century publications - production management in the Australian Cooperative Digitisation Project 1840-45Coleman, Ross; Webb, Colin
8-May-2012Digital Delay EffectsMarlan, Oliver
7-Jun-2013Digital Delay With Vibrato - Matlab Implementation and Report...Eati, Sriharsha
31-Mar-2015Digital Disruptive Intermediaries: Finding new digital opportunities by disrupting existing business modelsRiemer, Kai; Gal, Uri; Hamann, Jakob; Gilchriest, Ben; Teixeira, Martim; Discipline of Business Information Systems
18-Apr-2012Digital Distortion-Lab Report 1 Digital Audio SystemsAhmadi, Koosha
2013The digital dreamhacker: crowdsourcing the dream imaginary.Antonopoulou, Alexandra; Dare, Eleanor
2010Digital Economy Future DirectionsFitzgerald, Brian; Fitzgerald, Anne; Coates, Jessica; Pappalardo, Kylie
2004Digital encounters with Pacific Island Radio and Television ArchivesMoyle, Richard
18-Jun-2014Digital FlangersBasa, Tony
2001Digital images forever: implementing an imaging system in a cultural institutionDonkin, Scott
2013Digital imaging and artistic education: a pedagogical model with free software GIMP.Acevedo, Isabel Cristina Restrepo
8-May-2012Digital Implementation of VibratoClarke, Adrian
2011The Digital Nehan Songbook ProjectOlstad, John
2011Digital representation and the use of shared texts: the case of a theatrical prompt bookFiormonte, Domenico; Schmidt, Desmond
2007Digital Sampling and Culture Jamming in a Remix World: What does the law allow?Fitzgerald, Brian; O'Brien, Damien
3-Aug-2012Digital Sociology: An IntroductionLupton, Deborah
25-Nov-2013Digital sociology: beyond the digital to the sociologicalLupton, Deborah
9-Jun-2013Digital Tube SimulationNicholas, Lynar
2000Digitising the record of a colonial culture - Ferguson 1840-45Coleman, Ross