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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1963The development of Byron's satiric modeGreer, Germaine, 1939-; Faculty of Arts
26-Mar-2014Development of cell surface shaving proteomics for application in staphylococcal speciesSolis, Nestor
2014Development of clinical pathways for anxiety and depression for patients with cancer in AustraliaShaw, J; Price, MA; Thein, T; Grimison, P; Clayton, J; Rankin, N; Shaw, T; Butow, PN
Jun-2002Development of computer models to describe the epidemiology of Johne's disease in sheep.AusVet Animal Health Services Pty Ltd; Sergeant, E. S. G
1981Development Of Dental Education In SingaporeVignehsa, Hemalatha; Faculty of Dentistry
2008Development of durum wheat (Triticum turgidum ssp durum ) lines with soft kernel texture by chromosome engineeringGazza L; Zanella L; Pogna NE
2008Development of durum wheat with varying percentage of B-starch granule content and relationship between starch swelling power and in-vitro starch digestionSissons MJ; Turner MA
Oct-2006The development of economic and business news on Australian television.McCarthy, Nigel Thomas Fiaschi
2007The development of epistemic fluency: Learning to think for a livingGoodyear, Peter; Ellis, Robert; Brew, Angela; Sachs, Judyth
2008Development of Fusarium head blight (FHB) resistant winter wheat cultivar in crosses with a Brazilian spring wheat; Frontana; as the resistance donor parentPandeya R
1995The development of island arc-related ophiolites and sedimentary sequences in New CaledoniaMeffre, S̀©bastien
5-Sep-2013The Development of Isoform-Selective Dynamin ModulatorsMariana, Anna
2-Sep-2013Development of mouse models to investigate the effects of brain death on organ transplantationWang, Zane Zhan Xiang
21-May-2014Development of Multiple Fluorescent Tumour Spheroid Models To Investigate the use of Transition Metal Complexes as Hypoxia-Activated ProdrugsKim, Byung Juen
27-Mar-2013Development of New Approaches for Liquid State Fermentation of Menaquinone-7Berenjian, Aydin
30-Mar-2005Development of New Cooling Methods for GrindingNguyen, Thai
19-Feb-2014Development of new drug leads for tuberculosisTran, Anh
2006The development of new instruments to assess and predict patient involvement in medical decision-makingCurran, Leah Jane; School of Psychology
27-Mar-2014Development of novel scaffold systems for modulating biotic activityBaume, Alexander Stephen
29-Jun-2015Development of novel software tools and methods for investigating the significance of overlapping transcription factor genomic interactionsKhushi, Matloob