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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2014Density of antennal sensilla influences signal perception in weaver ant communicationElgar, Mark; Gill, Katherine; van Wilgenburg, Ellen; Macmillan, David
Sep-2007Dental and Oral HealthLeeder, Stephen; Russell, Lesley; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
1967Dental Anomalies Associated With Cleft Lip And/Or PalatePaul, Stanley; Faculty of Dentistry
1967Dental Anomalies Of Form And StructureKline, Patrick W; Faculty of Dentistry
1986Dental Arch Crowding In Prehistoric Man, And In Indigenous Racial Groups Of North America And Australia.Dawes, Burton E; Faculty of Dentistry
1965Dental Auxiliaries - The School Dental NurseTan, K. N; Faculty of Dentistry
1973Dental Care For School ChildrenChan, K. S; Faculty of Dentistry
1967Dental Caries And Periodontal Disease In Children Receiving Long-Term Penicillin TherapyChan, S. C. E; Faculty of Dentistry
1991Dental Caries In 2 To 5 Year Old Australian Children: Review Of The Literature.Nikolaou, Dimitris Vasiliou; Faculty of Dentistry
2004Dental Caries In Primary School Children Residing In The Blue Mountains And Hawkesbury Regions, NSWHsiau, Andy Chuan Yu; Faculty of Dentistry
1967Dental Criteria And Treatment NeedsSharp, R. G; Faculty of Dentistry
1968Dental Disease On Nauru IslandYule, Alexander Johns; Faculty of Dentistry
1970Dental Education And Research In AustraliaOi, Teresa Loh Woon; Faculty of Dentistry
1991Dental FluorosisHeidari, Gholamreza; Faculty of Dentistry
1976Dental FluorosisKwan, Elizabeth L; Faculty of Dentistry
2007Dental Fluorosis In Primary School Children In Lithgow NSWSujeer, Athin Narayan; Faculty of Dentistry
2005Dental Fluorosis In The Blue Mountains And Hawkesbury Regions NSWBal, Ikreet Singh; Faculty of Dentistry
1969Dental Health Education And Social AnthropologyValdez, Victor R.; Faculty of Dentistry
1981Dental Health Education For School Children In New South WalesLow, Lillian; Faculty of Dentistry
1971Dental Health Education In AustraliaMinns, Mary L; Faculty of Dentistry