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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Nov-2010DECO1013:Assignment 2:Data Sonification of the Dow Jones Industrial Average 2000-2010Purcell, Brian
5-Nov-2010DECO1013:Assignment 2:Data Sonification Rainfall SonificationWang, William
5-Nov-2010DECO1013:Assignment 2:Data Sonification StarCraft 2 RankHadiardja, Hans
ausgundeaths.jpg.jpg5-Nov-2010DECO1013:Assignment 2:Data Sonification: Australian Gun Deaths 1915-2004Rynn, Stuart
5-Nov-2010DECO1013:Assignment 2:Data Sonification: Minecraft Search PopularityZapevalov, Tim
5-Nov-2010DECO1013:Assignment 2:Data Sonification: Productivity Records SonificationYong, William
5-Nov-2010DECO1013:Assignment 2:Data Sonification: Sonification of air raids in Europe 1939-1945Mitchell, Mark Christopher
Jul-2014Decoding the biosynthesis of hydrocarbons in antsShemilt, Sue; Drijfhout, Falko
16-May-2014Decolonising juvenile justice: Aboriginal patrols, safety and the policing of indigenous communitiesPorter, Amanda Jayne
23-Aug-2017Decolonising the dynamics of media power and media representation between 1830 and 1930: Australian Indigenous peoples with disabilityGilroy, John; Ragen, Jo; Meekosha, Helen
2016Decolonising the Self: Gandhi and Fanon on Violence and AgencyCharak, Sarah; Gershom, Edith (Nom de Plume)
1-Jul-2016Decomposition of Lignin Model Compounds Under Catalysed and Non-catalysed Hydrothermal Liquefaction ConditionsAlam, David
Jul-2014Deconstruct the soup - cuticular hydrocarbon signals of Australian meat antsWang, Qike; Goodger, Jason; Elgar, Mark
1998Deconstructing Martin Boyd : homosocial desire and the transgressive aestheticBlain, Jenny
14-Dec-2011Deconstructing the complexity of land use and cover classification and land change modellingStabile, Marcelo C C
11-Sep-2014Deconstructing the structureCaporali, Ursula
31-Mar-2011Deconstructing the Triadic Relationship Between Elderly Residents,CHUNG, Pui Man
21-Feb-2008A deconstruction of Cox’s proportional hazards model and an inquiry into its ability to predict the outcome of Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedingsHoi Fung Ng, Calvin; Discipline of Finance
2009Decoration or communication? A qualitative study of images displayed around the bedsides of hospitalised childrenJordens, C; Lewis, P; Kerridge, I
2012Decreasing length of maternal hospital stay is not associated with increased readmission ratesFord, Jane B.; Algert, Charles S.; Morris, Jonathan M.; Roberts, Christine L.; Kolling Institute of Medical Research