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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Dentistry Handbook 2007 - AmendmentUniversity of Sydney
2008Dentistry Handbook 2008University of Sydney
2009Dentistry Handbook 2009University of Sydney
2010Dentistry Handbook 2010University of Sydney; Faculty of Dentistry
2011Dentistry Handbook 2011University of Sydney; Faculty of Dentistry
1940The dentition and palate of Australian fossil man ; [and] The general search for primitive featuresJones, Hector Gordon; Faculty of Dentistry
1964Denture Base Materials - A Critical Review Of Recent LiteratureHempton, J. B; Faculty of Dentistry
2001Denying intimacy: the role of reason and institutional order in the lives of people with an intellectual disabilityKlotz, Jani Frances
2009Depictions of Thailand in Australian and Thai writings:Reflections of the Self and OtherPissa-ard, Isaraporn
24-Nov-2016Deposition of Inhalation Aerosols in the Respiratory TractYang, Yifei
31-Dec-2016Depression and Risk Factors for Low Back Painde Barros Pinheiro, Marina
2009Depression under stress: ethical issues in genetic testing (Refereed Editorial)Newson, A.J.
2001Depression, Thoughts of Self-Harm and Suicidal Ideation in a Twenty One Year Clinic Cohort: Changes in Prevalence and Predictors of Disorder.Starling, Jean
1986Depth Of Polymerization Of Visible Light Activated Composite ResinsAtmadja, Gunawan; Faculty of Dentistry
2013Deriving and critiquing an empirically-based framework for pharmaceutical ethics.Lipworth, W; Little, M
1959Desa Kali Tengah sosiografi Indonesia Kecamatan Kota Mranggen, Kabupaten Demak, Daerah Kotapraja SemarangSiti Rochmi Iliac
1959Desa Manisharjo Hargomulyo dan CepokoSri Sujati
1959Desa Rajawana KidulSoegiarti
1959Desa SetonobetekSoekarman
1959Desa SukodonoSoejatno Gondoidjojo