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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2009The Deep Veins of the Sons of Gwalia LitigationDi Lernia, Cary
11-May-2016A Deeper Shade of Blue: A Compositional Folio Informed by Ethnographic Research into the Sydney Jazz SceneRose, Jeremy Philip
1984"Defenders of their faith" : power and party in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, 1909-1938Judd, Stephen Edwin Ireton
1984"Defenders of their faith" : power and party in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, 1909-1938Judd, Stephen Edwin Ireton
21-May-2015Defending Renewable Energy from Pseudoscience and Quackery - Simon Holmes a CourtHolmes a Court, Simon; Sydney School of Public Health
28-Apr-2003Defending ‘secrecy’: why removing donor anonymity may not be a good ideaNewson, A.J.
2-Apr-2014Defensive aggregation to predatory threat in the laboratory rat: behavioural, neural, pharmacological and epigenetic correlatesBowen, Michael
Jul-2014Defensive strategies of Azteca ants against phorid fly parasitismMathis, Kaitlyn; Tsutsui, Neil
2012Defining an Israeli school of cello pedagogy and performance through an analysis of the teaching of Professor Uzi WieselRann, Thomas
22-Sep-2016Defining Classical Tenor Saxophone: performer identity, performance practice and contemporary repertoireLeung, Peter Andrew Lai Yip
1997Defining Medical Futility in Ethics, Law and Clinical Practice: An Exercise in Futility?Kerridge, I; Mitchell, K; McPhee, J
8-Feb-2016DEFINING NATIONAL PIANO SCHOOLS Perceptions and challengesWisniewski, Wojciech Waldemar
Jul-1990Defining the "workplace" in workplace industrial relationsKelly, Diana
2009Defining the 'Strano': Madness in Renaissance ItalyCama, Nicole; Department of History
30-Mar-2016Defining the Cellular Basis for Therapeutic Angiogenesis: Characterisation of Progenitor Cell PopulationsYuen, Sui Ching Gloria
2011Defining the Nation: The Wider Discussions on White Australia and the Japanese Racial Equality ClauseThompson, Andrew; Department of History
25-Nov-2015Defining The Role Of The Major Subsets Of Renal Mononuclear Phagocytes For Potential TherapiesCAO, QI
2005Defining vocal quality in female classical singers: pedagogical, acoustical and perceptual studiesMitchell, Helen Frances
Jan-2016Definite Descriptions are Directly ReferentialVarey, Simon James
8-Jul-2016A definition and ethical evaluation of overdiagnosisCarter, SM; Degeling, C; Doust, J; Barratt, A