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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2013Delivering private therapy in rural AustraliaDew, Angela; Barton, Rebecca; Ragen, Jo
Jul-1995Delivering training reform: the critical role of employers and the workplaceBryce, Merilyn
2007Delivering Trusting Partnerships For Route Bus Services: A Melbourne Case StudyStanley, John
2015Delivery of a Small-For-Gestational-Age Infant and Risk of Maternal Cardiovascular Disease – A Population-Based Record Linkage StudyNgo, Anh D.; Roberts, Christine L.; Chen, Jian Sheng; Figtree, Gemma
1998The demand for dental general anaesthesia in children at Westmead Hospital, Sydney, AustraliaAlcaino, Eduardo A; Faculty of Dentistry
1998The Demand For Dental General Anaesthesia In Children At Westmead Hospital, Sydney, AustraliaAlcaino, Eduardo A; Faculty of Dentistry
May-2006Demand for Microcredit by Indonesian womenJohar, Meliyanni; Rammohan, Anu; Economics
30-Mar-2015Demand planning for specialist medical services for adults with intellectual disability in NSW 2003-2043Lee, Lynette Ann
Feb-2011Demand-Led Growth Theory: An Historical ApproachSmith, Matthew; Economics
Dec-2008Demand-led growth with debt constraintsWhite, Graham; Discipline of Economics
2-Oct-2017Demands for access to new therapies: are there alternatives to accelerated access?Pace, J; Ghinea, N; Kerridge, I; Lipworth, W
22-Apr-2016The demarchy manifesto: for better public policyBurnheim, John
25-Feb-2015Dementia and guardianship: challenges in social work practice in a health care settingMills, Margaret
1999Democracy, American nationalism and Woodrow Wilson's search for identityRowlands, David T. (David Thomas); Department of History
1-Aug-2012A democratic country should put public education before corporate profitsBabones, Salvatore
2014Democratic women in the second party system: 1824-1856Haumesser, Lauren Nicole
2007Demographic changes in Korea during the period of 1960–2000Kim, Ik Ki; Phillips, Ruth
2009Demographics and husbandry of pet cats living in Sydney, Australia: results of cross-sectional survey of pet ownershipToribio, Jenny-Ann L. M. L.; Norris, J. M.; White, J. D.; Dhand, Navneet K.; Hamilton, S. A.; Malik, R; Veterinay Science
Jul-2014The demography of worker and male size in bumblebee coloniesLin, Heng-Yi; Fuerst, Matthias, A.; Brown, Mark J.F.