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2000Decentred sounds? : systems of provision for popular music and a regional music industryGibson, Chris 1973-
30-May-2014Deciding on motherhood: the development and evaluation of a decision aid for women with epilepsyMcGrath, Amanda
2008Deciphering defense strategies that are elucidated in wheat containing different Dn resistance genesBotha AM; Swanevelder ZH; Schultz T; van Eck L; Lapitan NLV
8-Dec-2016Deciphering Igneous and Metamorphic Histories from Exposed Deep Arc Crust, Fiordland, New Zealand: Crustal Differentiation and EvolutionChapman, Timothy
2013Decision aids to improve informed decision-making in pregnancy care: a systematic reviewVlemmix, F; Warendorf, J.K.; Rosman, AN; Kok, M; Mol, B.W.J.; Morris, Jonathan M.; Nassar, N; Kolling Institute of Medical Research
27-Feb-2015Decision making and risk communication about cardiovascular disease prevention in primary careBonner, Carissa Erin
2011Decision Making in a Crowded Room: The Relational Significance of Social Roles in Decisions to Proceed With Allogeneic Stem Cell TransplantationForsyth, R; Scanlan, Camilla Louise; Carter, SM; Jordens, C; Kerridge, I
2003Decision making in personal investmentBidewell, John William
Apr-2016Decision Making in the Shadow of DeathScanlan, Camilla Louise; Stewart, C; Kerridge, I
Jul-2014A decision theory approach to explaining aging in honeybee workersLemanski, Natalie
1994The Decision to Withhold Resuscitation in Australia: Problems, Hospital Policy and Legal UncertaintyKerridge, I; Mitchell, K; Myser, C
17-Oct-2012The Decision-Making Process Of Primary Care Doctors In Undertaking Health Check-Ups For Male Patients In MalaysiaTong, Seng Fah
Apr-2016Declarations, Accusations and Judgement: Examining conflict of interest discourses as performative speech-acts.Mayes, C; Lipworth, W; Kerridge, I
Feb-2013The Decline of the Self-Employment Rate in AustraliaAtalay, Kadir; Kim, Woo-Yung; Whelan, Stephen; School of Economics
8-Sep-2010DECO 1013 Assignment 1: Functional Sound Design - Online Video Game AlertsYounis, Adam
8-Sep-2010DECO 1013 Functional sound DesignKim, Stella
8-Sep-2010DECO 1013 Sound Design and Sonification Assignment 1Murphy, Benjamin
8-Sep-2010DECO 1013 Sound Design and Sonification Assignment 1Tran Thai, Shirley
8-Sep-2010DECO 1013 Sound Design and Sonification Assignment 1Norris, Matthew
8-Sep-2010DECO 1013 Sound Design and Sonification Assignment 1Mitchell, Mark