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Jul-2014Cytochemical evaluation venom gland of wasps Apoica thoracica, Acre, Oliveira da Silva, Marcelo Augusto; Magalhaes de Abreu, Rusleyd Maria
1993Cytogenetic manipulation and anther culture of wheatVenkatanagappa, Shoba; Faculty of Agriculture
2008Cytokinins contents and dry matter accumulation at different position and types of grains within a spike of wheatEradatmand Asli D; Dua IS
2005Cytology, genetic variation and inheritance studies in the Sturt desert pea, Swainsona formosaWalker, Mark L
31-Mar-2015Cytoskeletal dynamics of Cytotoxic T cells during migration in the tumour microenvironmentNino, Jorge Luis Galeano
1959Daerah Kabupaten ModjokertoMastuhu
Oct-2006Daily Image Guided Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer: An assessment of treatment plan reproducibility.Knight, Kellie Ann
2013Daily Life: pink ghetto or feminist triumph? An analysis of the content of and responses to Fairfax’s women’s news website.Wilcox, Kate; Department of Media and Communications
19-Jun-2014Daily Routine Chart (DRC)Clemson, Lindy; Munro, Jo; Fiatarone Singh, Maria
17-May-2011‘Damaged Goods’: Riskiness and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Young People’s Interactions with PoliceDwyer, Angela; Sydney Institute of Criminology
2013Dance and virtual physics: the mass of the object does not necessarily equal the object of the mass.Vincs, Kim
Jul-2014Dance communication about a location in honeybees: Vector or location?Menzel, Randolf; Kirbach, Andreas; Greggers, Uwe
17-Jun-2008Dance, Mimesis, consciousness and the ImaginationSellers-Young, Barbara
2013Dancing in suits: a performer's perspective on the collaborative exchange between self, body, motion capture, animation and audience.Hutchison, Stephanie; Vincs, Kim
Nov-2004Dancing in the energy fields of light: The release of cultural identity into modern contemporary danceCoe, Dorothy
2005Dancing Up Circular Quay: Indigenous Australian Popular Culture, Hybridization and the Local Performance of the GlobalAdrahtas, Vassilios
21-Jun-2008Danger of more abortions but choice can be protectedNewson, A.J.
2007Dangerous liaisons? Defining the Faculty Liaison Librarian service model, its effectiveness and sustainability.Rodwell, John; Fairbairn, Linden
1977The dangerous offender: prediction and assessmentSydney Institute of Criminology; The Institute of Criminology; Sydney University Law School