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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A Critical Analysis of Gendered Approaches to Funerary, Settlement and Public Space Archaeology in the Classical WorldWalker, Meggan Ruth; Department of Archaeology
9-Dec-2015A Critical and Quantitative Analysis of the Relationship Between Informal Institutions and Economic DevelopmentFearnley, Nicholas William
1982A Critical Appraisal Of The Development And Implementation System In Malaysia-Dental SubsystemAbbas, H; Faculty of Dentistry
Jun-2016A Critical Assessment of the Origins and Continued Validity of Variations in Australian Tax Treaties from the OECD ModelTaylor, Christopher John
2004Critical choices, critical decisions: sound archiving and changing technologyBradley, Kevin
11-Jan-2016A critical comparison of the similarities and differences in the conceptualisation of disability between Indigenous people in Australia and New South Wales disability service agenciesRavindran, Subahari; Discipline of Occupational Therapy
2011A critical evaluation of the usefulness of a coding scheme to categorise levels of reflective thinkingBell, Amani; Kelton, J; McDonagh, N; Mladenovic, Rosina; Morrison, K
11-Nov-2011A critical examination of race in Business English coursebooksBedford, Sarah
Feb-2009Critical Interplay Between Neuropeptide Y and Sex Steroid Pathways in Bone and Adipose Tissue HomeostasisAllison, SJ; Baldock, PA; Enriquez, RF; Lin, EJ; During, M; Gardiner, EM; Eisman, JA; Sainsbury, Amanda; Herzog, H
Jul-2016A critical interpretive synthesis of evidence and values in recommendations to disinvest from population ScreeningLittle, J; Nicholls, SG; Clifford, T; Sikora, L; Atwere, P; Ashcroft, R; Newson, A.J.; Potter, B; Brehaut, J; Graham, I; Wilson, M; Lavis, J; Grimshaw, J; Verweij, M; Dawson, Angus; Coyle, D; Kemper, A; Botkin, J; Dunfield, L
31-Mar-2016Critical Micelle Concentrations in Ionic Liquid – Water MixturesAdamson, William Dennis
Jul-2010Critical Perspectives of CPTEDEkblom, Paul; Iveson, Kurt; Clancey, Garner; Watson, Rodger; Chappell, Duncan; Sydney Institute of Criminology
2006A Critical Practice Model For PhysiotherapyTrede, Franziska Veronika
1962A Critical Review Of Dental Ceramic Literature With Emphasis On Fused Porcelain InlaysBurns, Bruce B; Faculty of Dentistry
1963A Critical Review Of Dental Literature Concerning The Porcelain Jacket CrownSmythe, John D; Faculty of Dentistry
1959Critical review of literature concerning some aspects of bone and some of its diseases namely, hypo- and hyperthyroidism, Paget's disease, Hand-Schuller-Christian and Letterer-Siwe diseases and eosinophilic granuloma (histiocytosis X)Southan, David E; Faculty of Dentistry
1960A Critical Review Of Literature Pertaining To Impacted And Unerupted TeethMitchell, Brian N; Faculty of Dentistry
1957A Critical Review Of Orthodontic LiteratureMckenna, Henry; Faculty of Dentistry
1969A Critical Review Of The Current Literature Concerning Preservation Of The Vitality Of The Exposed Pulp With Emphasis On The Use Of CorticosteroidsRosenwax, David B; Faculty of Dentistry
1969A critical review of the current literature concerning preservation of the vitality of the exposed pulp with emphasis on the use of corticosteroidsRosenwax, David B