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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
a1211030.jpg.jpg28-May-1892A Day on a SelectionLawson, Henry
2006Deadalus: a fable for Cockatoo [19 rituals of resistance + re-inhabitation]Rivard, Thomas A.
29-Mar-2017The Deadly Business of an Unregulated Global Stem Cell IndustryLysaght, T; Lipworth, W; Hendl, T; Kerridge, I; Munsie, M; Waldby, C; Stewart, C
FoS_093.TIF.jpg24-Jun-1963The deadly riddle-
8-Jun-2006DeathIsmael, Jenann
28-Feb-2012The death of the great American middle classBabones, Salvatore
2011Death of the ‘Blockbuster’and ‘Pivotal’ Clinical Trial: Rethinking the Drug Development ProcessDay, R; Lipworth, W; Kerridge, I
2011Death tourism: Travelling for life-ending proceduresCallaghan, Sascha
17-Oct-2011The Debate on Excess Capacity, Issues of Competition and TimeGilliland, Mathew Andrew; Department of Political Economy
27-Jul-2017Debates About Accelerated Access to Medicines: Reality or Rhetoric?Pace, Jessica; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
Nov-2012Debating a Tiger Cub: The Anti-Socialist CampaignGorman, Zachary; Department of History
2007Debating and public speaking as oral literacy: promoting democratic educationSpies-Butcher, Ben
1998Debridement Of Subgingival Periodontally Involved Root Surfaces With A Micro-Applicator Brush: A Macroscopic And Scanning Electron Microscope StudyCarey, Helen; Faculty of Dentistry
21-May-2013The debt ceiling debate that wasn'tBabones, Salvatore
12-Jan-2013The debt ceiling gives the president enormous power – He should use itBabones, Salvatore
2009Debussy and late-romantic performing practices: an investigation of Debussy's piano rolls of 1913Ho, Jocelyn; Sydney Conservatorium of Music
28-Sep-2016A Decade Experience of Gastric Cancer Surgery at a High-Volume Tertiary Centre in Australia, a Low-Volume Country.Lu, Victor Ming Yuan
2011A decade of Australian general practice activity 2001–02 to 2010–11Britt, Helena; Miller, Graeme C; Charles, Jan; Henderson, Joan; Bayram, Clare; Valenti, Lisa; Harrison, Christopher; Pan, Ying; Zhang, Carmen; Fahridin, Salma; O'Halloran, Julie
27-Nov-2012A decade of Australian general practice activity 2002–03 to 2011–12Britt, Helena; Miller, Graeme C; Charles, Janice; Henderson, Joan; Valenti, Lisa; Harrison, Christopher; Zhang, Carmen; Chambers, Timothy; Pollack, Allan J; Bayram, Clare; Pan, Ying; O'Halloran, Julie
18-Nov-2013A decade of Australian general practice activity 2003–04 to 2012–13Britt, Helena; Miller, Graeme C; Henderson, Joan; Charles, Janice; Valenti, Lisa; Harrison, Christopher; Bayram, Clare; Chambers, Timothy; Zhang, Carmen; Pan, Ying; O'Halloran, Julie; Pollack, Allan J