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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Mar-2016Curating OperaMould, Stephen James
15-Dec-2016Curbing catastrophe: ecology and conservation of the Yellow-spotted Monitor (Varanus panoptes) in tropical AustraliaWard-Fear, Georgia
2012A ‘cure’ for diabetes and its complicationsDonaghue, Kim; Keech, Tony; Craig, Maria; O’Connell, Philip
17-May-2011Curiosity Killed the M-Cat: an Examination of Illicit Drugs and MediaLancaster, Kari; Hughes, Caitlin; Spicer, Bridget; Matthew-Simmons, Francis; Dillon, Paul; Sydney Institute of Criminology
30-Sep-2014Curracurrong: a stream processing system for distributed environmentsKakkad, Vasvi
2000Current and potential use of NIR in the fodder and grain industries: a ruminant's perspectiveFlinn, P. C
Mar-2001Current Australian Wheat Varieties: Grain Quality DataWrigley, Colin; Quality Wheat CRC
16-Dec-2010Current Concepts in Local AnaesthesiaReid, Alan; Faculty of Dentistry
1967Current Efforts In The Prevention And Control Of Dental DiseaseMohamed, M. Yunus Bin; Faculty of Dentistry
2011Current ethical issues in synthetic biology: Where should we go from here?Newson, A.J.
27-Jun-2012Current Evidence and Future Directions for Physiotherapy Intervention in Cerebral Palsy: Physical Activity and Physical FitnessGirling-Butler, Jane M
Dec-2002Current International Policies on Plant Breeders’ RightsCooke, R. J; Wrigley, C. W; Value Added Wheat CRC
2011Current Issues: National, Regional and International PerspectivesSterling, Adrian
29-Jan-2018Current methods in cancer-related cognitive change intervention: A systematic review with meta-analysis.Marshall, Kelsey; Occupational Therapy
2002Current NIR developments in the Premium Grains for Livestock ProgramFlinn, P. C
2008Current resistance sources and breeding strategies to mitigate Ug99 threatSingh Ravi
2012Current therapies and pharmacy programs for obesity and diabetesArmour, Carol; Chaar, Betty; Murray, Michael; Ambler, Geoffrey; Krass, Ines
10-Oct-2016Currents of exchange: HEAD THROAT GUTS the sounding structures of the body in experimental voice practice.Brown, Kate
1989Curriculum genre in early childhood education : a case study in writing developmentChristie, Frances