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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Aug-2007Creating Verbatim Theatre - Exploring the gap between public inquiry and private painWilkinson, Linden Ann
18-Apr-2012Creating Vibrato Using MatlabClarke, Adrian
2008Creating wheat-rye translocation lines by monosomic addition lineFu SL; Tang ZX; Zhang HQ; Ren ZL
2008Creating wheat-rye translocation lines by monosomic addition linesFu SL; Tang ZX; Zhang HQ; Ren ZL
2008Creation of a multiple-use recombinant inbred line population for the development of molecular markers in soft white winter wheatZemetra RS; Hansen JL; Koehler T; Chen J; Riera-Lizarazu O; Leonard J; Quincke M; Peterson CJ; Mundt CC; Campbell KG; Chen X
2001Creation of Express Bus Services to Improve Competitive Edge for Public Transport in Møre og Romsdal County.Hauge, Olav
2002Creative mental synthesis in designers and non-designers : experimental examinationsKokotovich, Vasilije; Department of Architectural and Design Science
2000The creative process in Don Banks' early chamber music : a sketch study of Three studies for cello and piano and Three episodes for flute and pianoHartstein, Marcus; Sydney Conservatorium of Music
29-Nov-2017The Creative Processes of the NSW Public Schools Drama CompanyBabington, Anne
2001Creators of Culture: Encoded Archival ContextPitti, Daniel. V.
1994Creators, Creatures and Victim-Survivors: Word, Silence and Some Humane Voices of Self-Determination from the Wycliffe Bible of 1388 to the United Nations World Conference on Human Rights 1993.Keable, Penelope Susan
Aug-2006Credentials and Learning in the Labour Market for Young AustraliansCheung, Stephen L.
4-Apr-2016Credit Where Credit Is Due: Celebrating China's 13th Five-Year PlanBabones, Salvatore
CreeperCrane20_3_31.tif.jpg24-Mar-2006Creeper crane prior to dismantling-
2009Cretaceous Palaeogeography of Eastern Australia: Connecting the Deep Earth to Surface ProcessesMatthews, Kara; School of Geosciences
Jul-2014Cricket community acoustics: a new tool to detect invasive ants.Anso, Jeremy; Gasc, Amandine; Desutter-Grancolas, Laure; Vidal, Eric; Jourdan, Herve
cosmepic21.tif.jpg20-Mar-2006Cricket match, Cosme, undated-
2010Crime and outrage : sexual villains and sexual violence in New South Wales, 1870-1930Kaladelfos, Amanda; Faculty of Arts
1979Crime and the family: some aspects of the report of the Royal Commission on human relationshipsSydney Institute of Criminology; The Institute of Criminology; Sydney University Law School