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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979Cost-Benefit Of Water Fluoridation In The Prevention Of Dental Caries In Australia.Regue, Ignatius; Faculty of Dentistry
28-Feb-2017Cost-effective Offloading Strategy for Delay-sensitive Applications in Cloud of Things SystemsNan, Yucen
1990Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Of The State Orthodontic Service At NewcastleFrost, Peter David; Faculty of Dentistry
9-May-2016The cost-effectiveness of skin surveillance through a specialised clinic for patients at high risk of melanoma, compared with standard care.Watts, Caroline Gay
25-Feb-2013The cost-effectiveness of total laparoscopic hysterectomy compared to total abdominal hysterectomy for the treatment of early stage endometrial cancerGraves, Nicholas; Janda, Monica; Merolini, Katherina; Gebski, Val; Obermair, Andreas
1982Costs and benefits in planning crime preventionSydney Institute of Criminology; The Institute of Criminology; Sydney University Law School
Jul-2014Costs and benefits of cooperation: primary polygyny in harvester antsFewell, Jennifer; Gadau, Jürgen
24-Mar-2016The costs of reform: China shakes up its state-owned enterprisesBabones, Salvatore; Stone, I.
17-Jul-2012Council of Australian Governments (2010) The National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022Guajardo, Claudia
1999Countermeasures Taken by China Railway in the Competition of Transportation MarketYan, Yu
2015Counterterrorism policies and practices: health and values at stake.Eckenwiler, L; Hunt, M; Ahmad, A; Calain, P; Dawson, Angus; Goodin, R; Messelken, D; Rubenstein, L; Wild, V
2015Country awakening – amateur theatre in New South Wales regional communities 1945-1970McGaw, Janet
14-Oct-2015Country lessons: A rural incubator for China’s political reform?Babones, Salvatore
31-Oct-2014Couple: exploring the idea of paired objects in my workPerry, Imogen
29-Sep-2017Coupled computations of shape, material, illumination, and optical focusMooney, Scott William Joseph
30-Dec-2015Coupled Rigid Body Dynamics with Application to DivingTong, William
1987Courts of conscience : English Archdeacons' courts at the time of the Reformation, c.1515-1558Crawford, David John; Faculty of Arts
Jul-2014Coverage of Rickia wasmannii (Ascomycota: Laboulbeniales) on Myrmica scabrinodis (Formicidae)Tanczos, Bence; Talas, Lazlo; Nagy, Gabor; Tartally, Andras
2015Coverage with evidence development and managed entry in the funding of personalized medicine: practical and ethical challenges for oncologyLewis, JR; Kerridge, I; Lipworth, W