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Aug-2015Correlates of unmet needs and psychological distress in adolescent and young adults who have a parent diagnosed with cancer.McDonald, F. E. J.; Patterson, P; White, K. J.; Butow, P. N.; Costa, D. S. J.; Kerridge, I
2008Correlation and regression studies in semi-dwarf spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L)Jamali R; Jamali KD
30-Sep-2015Correlation between Personality Traits, Learning Approaches and Academic Performance of Dental StudentsAl-Omari, Wael Mousa Mohammad
5-Mar-2015Correlation of extended RAS and PIK3CA gene mutation status with outcomes from the phase III AGITG MAX STUDY involving capecitabine alone or in combination with bevacizumab plus or minus mitomycin C in advanced colorectal cancerPrice, Timothy J; Bruhn, Maressa A; Lee, Chee K; Hardingham, Jennifer E; Townsend, Amanda R; Mann, Kristy P; Simes, John; Weickhardt, Andrew; Wrin, Joseph W; Wilson, Kate; Gebski, Val; van Hazel, Guy; Robinson, Bridget; Cunningham, David; Tebbutt, Niall C
8-Mar-2013Correlations between Cooperative Human Behaviours and Collaboration TechnologiesMohd Yatid, Moonyati Binti
29-Nov-2017Corrosion Processes: Through the lens of atom probe tomographyMcCarroll, Ingrid
29-Aug-2016Corrosion Study of Protective Coatings Used in Sewer Concrete PipelinesNazemi, Mohammad Karim
2007Corruption and Crisis Control: The Nature of the Game – New South Wales Police Reform 1996–2004Karp, Jann Ellen
2013Corruption in Evidence: Policing Starting- Price Betting in 1930s NSWBretag, Hilary; Department of History
28-Dec-2015Cortical hyperexcitability in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Diagnostic and pathophysiological biomarkerGeevasinga, Nimeshan
cosmedoc14-1.tif.jpg2-Jul-2008Cosme Co-Operative Colony (Paraguay), Illustrated Handbook of General Information-
cosmedoc12-1.tif.jpg25-Jun-2008Cosme Co-operative Colony, general information-
cosmedoc11-1.tif.jpg25-Jun-2008Cosme Co-operative Colony, The Cosme Agreement, Information About Cosme, Membership-
cosmepic03.tif.jpg1-Mar-2006Cosme Colony group (undated)-
cosmepic12.tif.jpg20-Mar-2006Cosme Colony Library-
cosmepic87.tif.jpg3-Sep-2008Cosme Evening Notes, Vol 4 No 169, 18th December 1898-
cosmepic16.tif.jpg20-Mar-2006Cosme group, circa 1900-
cosmepic17.tif.jpg20-Mar-2006Cosme group, undated-
cosmepic05.tif.jpg6-Mar-2006Cosme house-