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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Sep-2010DECO 1013 Sound Design and Sonification Assignment 1. Synthesis of Auditory AlertsTran, Ekin
8-Sep-2010DECO 1013 Sound Design and Sonification Assignment 1. train_ticket_dispenser_simulation_assignment1_deco1013Lijauco, Marie
5-Nov-2010DECO1013 :Assignment 2 - Data SonificationLewis, Amelia
5-Nov-2010DECO1013 Assignment 1Park, Jay
8-Sep-2010DECO1013 Assignment 1Hadiardja, Hans
28-Oct-2009DECO1013 Assignment 2 - Data Sonification for American energy consumptionQiu, Yue
8-Sep-2010DECO1013 Functional Sound Design AssignmentDi Nicola, Clarissa
28-Oct-2009DECO1013 Sound Design and Sonification Assignment 2Yoong, Adrian Chang Sheu
2-Nov-2009DECO1013: Assignment 2 Submission, " Estimated Male Population in NSW "Soares, Betinho
14499_doppler.jpg.jpg5-Nov-2010DECO1013:Assignment 2:Data SonificationPorter, Joel
5-Nov-2010DECO1013:Assignment 2:Data SonificationMatchett, Lucy
5-Nov-2010DECO1013:Assignment 2:Data SonificationJoseph, Douglas
5-Nov-2010DECO1013:Assignment 2:Data SonificationDuncan, John Patrick
Screen shot_stave3.jpg.jpg5-Nov-2010DECO1013:Assignment 2:Data SonificationSutton, Ashleigh
5-Nov-2010DECO1013:Assignment 2:Data SonificationKoleth, Renuja
SOund Graphics.tiff.jpg5-Nov-2010DECO1013:Assignment 2:Data SonificationGabriel, Podesta
5-Nov-2010DECO1013:Assignment 2:Data SonificationFahy, Paul Arthur
5-Nov-2010DECO1013:Assignment 2:Data SonificationKim, Stella
5-Nov-2010DECO1013:Assignment 2:Data SonificationHu, Shaopeng
CoalitionCasualtiesAfghanistanByMonth.png.jpg5-Nov-2010DECO1013:Assignment 2:Data SonificationWallis, David