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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2014Convergent genetic architecture underlies social organization in antsPurcell, Jessica; Brelsford, Alan; Wurm, Yannick; Perrin, Nicolas; Chapuisat, Michel
Aug-2011Convergent learning algorithms for potential games with unknown noisy rewardsChapman, Archie C.; Leslie, David S.; Rogers, Alex; Jennings, Nicholas R.; Discipline of Business Analytics
Jul-2014Convergent phenotypes but non-convergent genomes in simple social insect societiesSumner, Seirian; Patalano, Solenn; Vlasova, Anna; Ferreira, Pedro; Asher, Claire; Andrews, Simon; Himmelbaur, Heinz; Guigo, Roderic; Reik, Wolf
2007Conversation in the classroom : investigating the 1999 Stage 6 English syllabusGolsby-Smith, Sarah; Faculty of Arts
2007Conversations across borders: interactions between literacy research, policy and practiceHarris, Pauline
2009Conversion and Cosmological Confluence: Nahua-Christian Art of the 16th centuryO'Connor, Ellen Kathleen
25-Oct-2017Convex Identifcation of Stable Dynamical SystemsUmenberger, Jack
2013Convict Geographies of Early Colonial SydneyMcLaren, Annemarie; Department of History
2008Cooking up an omelette: Elena Kats-Chernin's Mr. Barbecue as an example of her compositional approachGriffin, David; Sydney Conservatorium of Music
2008Cooking up an omelette: Elena Kats-Chernin's Mr. Barbecue as an example of her compositional approachGriffin, David.; Sydney Conservatorium of Music
31-Mar-2016Cool, Calm and Collected?: Literary Images of Japan Following the 2011 Triple DisasterTokita, Tamaki
1995Cooperating teachers' images : a study in early childhood settingsGoodfellow, Joy; Faculty of Education and Social Work
20-Apr-2018Cooperative Instrumentalism: A Naturalistic Explanation of MoralityRollings, Peter Karl
Dec-1996The Cooperative Research Program: Is it Time for a Review?McFarlane, John; Department of Economics
31-Aug-2013Cooperative Vehicle Tracking in Large EnvironmentsShan, Mao
2017Coopetition between commercial and subsidized railway services – the case of the greater Stockholm regionAlexandersson, Gunnar; Bondemark, Anders; Henriksson, Lars; Hultén, Staffan
31-Oct-2016Coordinated Control of Distributed Energy Resources in Islanded MicrogridsGolsorkhi Esfahani, Mohammad Sadegh
2008Coordinated regulation of enzymes involved in secondary cell wall biosynthesis by a homeodomain transcription factorKovalchuk, N; Singh R; Lapina, A; Bazanova, N; Taylor J; Shirley N; Burton R; Fincher G; Langridge, P; Lopato S
30-Oct-2015Coordination Frameworks: Host-Guest Chemistry and Structural DynamicsOgilvie, Stephen Hudson
31-Mar-2016Cophylogenetic analysis of dated treesDrinkwater, Benjamin