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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Crafting economic drivers for local areas in globalising regional economy: Sydney as a case studyBlakely, Edward J.; Bista, Santosh; Lubulwa, Godfrey
2013Crafting Fame: Praise and Exclusion in Fifteenth Century FlorenceGreen, Jeremy; Department of History
1988Cranio-Cervical Inter-RelationshipsWallace, Christine J; Faculty of Dentistry
2006Craniofacial And Anthropometric Characteristics Of Subjects With Obstructive Sleep Apnoea In Chinese And Caucasians.Vasudavan, Sivabalan; Faculty of Dentistry
1968Craniofacial Development With Vitamin D Resistant RicketsBrown, Barry Charles; Faculty of Dentistry
1995Craniofacial Features Of Patients With Binder'S Syndrome And Chondrodysplasia PunctataTitus, Kamini; Faculty of Dentistry
1-Nov-2005CRC Program 2.3 Review ReportBatten, Graeme
2013Creating #citizencurators: putting twitter into museum showcases.Ride, Peter
2011Creating a digital wordlist for Lopit: a case study in time and motionBillington, Rosey; Musgrave, Simon; Hajek, John
2008Creating a Legal Framework for Copyright Management of Open Access within the Australian Academic and Research SectorFitzgerald, Brian; Fitzgerald, Anne; Perry, Mark; Kiel-Chisholm, Scott; Driscoll, Erin; Thampapillai, Dilan; Coates, Jessica
May-2005Creating Graduate, University and Employer Links Through Research in Supporting the Professional Work and Learning of Newly-Qualified TeachersMcCulla, Norman
Nov-2004Creating inner lives: Theories of learning, selfing, actioning through arts education. A beginning...Mclean, Judith
Apr-2004Creating markets or decent jobs? Group Training and the future of work.Eveesson, Justine; Buchanan, John
31-Aug-2007Creating Verbatim Theatre - Exploring the gap between public inquiry and private painWilkinson, Linden Ann
18-Apr-2012Creating Vibrato Using MatlabClarke, Adrian
2008Creating wheat-rye translocation lines by monosomic addition lineFu SL; Tang ZX; Zhang HQ; Ren ZL
2008Creating wheat-rye translocation lines by monosomic addition linesFu SL; Tang ZX; Zhang HQ; Ren ZL
2008Creation of a multiple-use recombinant inbred line population for the development of molecular markers in soft white winter wheatZemetra RS; Hansen JL; Koehler T; Chen J; Riera-Lizarazu O; Leonard J; Quincke M; Peterson CJ; Mundt CC; Campbell KG; Chen X
2001Creation of Express Bus Services to Improve Competitive Edge for Public Transport in Møre og Romsdal County.Hauge, Olav