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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Dec-2012Contractual Approach to Optimising Risk Sharing: A Quantitative Study of the Multidimensional Nature of Risk in Private Provision of Road InfrastructureChung, Demi
1999Contractual Form and Performance in the Norwegian Bus Industry 1986-96Johansen, Kjell Werner
1999Contractualisation Competition Regulation - Three Guidelines for Improved Efficiency in Urban Public TransportBarbieux, C.
2014Contractualism and the Animals ProblemStewart, Macintosh
2009The Contradiction of Concentration A Critical Evaluation of Australian Merger LawKaldor, Thomas; Department of Political Economy
2015Contrasts of Relative Advantage Maximisation with Random Utility Maximisation and Regret MinimisationLeong, Waiyan; Hensher, David A
2016Contribution of Changing Risk Factors to the Trend in Breech Presentation at TermBin, Yu Sun; Roberts, Christine L.; Nicholl, Michael C.; Nassar, Natasha; Ford, Jane B.
19-Jun-2012Contribution of DEAF1 structural domains to the interaction with the breast cancer oncogene LMO4.Cubeddu, Liza; Joseph, Soumya; Richard, D.J.; Matthews, Jacqueline
28-Sep-2015The contribution of global and local features to scene ‘gist’ perceptionGoldzieher, Martin John
28-Feb-2017Contribution of IFNg, NK and T cells to the immune pathology of West Nile virus encephalitisNiewold, Paula
Jul-2014Contribution of Insect Pollination to Macadamia and Coffee in HawaiiTavares, Jane; Wright, Mark; Villalobos, Ethel; Drake, Don
2012The contribution of maternal age to increasing caesarean section rates (letter)Roberts, Christine L.; Rowlands, IJ; Nguyen, M; Kolling Institute of Medical Research
1980Contributions To Oral Anatomy Structural And Applied Volume IIBarker, B. C. W.; Faculty of Dentistry
4-Aug-2009Contributions towards decision support for site-specific crop management - A study of aspects influencing the development of knowledge-intensive differential management decisionsDe Oliveira, Ronaldo P.
2011Contributor affiliations-
2007Contributors. Water Wind Art and DebateBirch, Gavin
2004Control of complex structural geometry in optical fibre drawingLyytikäinen, Katja Johanna