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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2016Contextual meanings: an investigation of their persuasive power in research article introductionsBennett, Isabelle Margaret
Nov-1998Contextualising and Utilising the 'What about the Boys?' Backlash for Gender Equity GoalsLingard, Bob
2002Contextualising Martin Berteau : new perspectives on his works for celloLewis, Eleanor May
2014Contextualising professional ethics: the impact of the prison context on the practices and norms of health care practitioners.White, K; Jordens, C; Kerridge, I
2009Continental drift: connecting Great Britain and ScandinaviaBruijnes, Remco
31-Mar-2014A Contingent Approach to Project Management and Organisation: An Empirical AnalysisAljawder, Maan Mubarak Ali Ahmed Mubarak
15-Jun-2012A continuing experiment with synthesising flute vibratoBolster, Liz
7-Jun-2013Continuing west: in search of the heroic landscapeKirk, Eloise
2012CONTINUITY OF INTEGRATED PATIENT CARE: A patient centred study of medication managementEllitt, Glena R
2002Continuous Disclosure for Australian Listed CompaniesCoffey, Josephine Margaret
2014Continuous exercise but not high intensity interval training improves fat distribution in overweight adultsKeating, S; Machan, E; O'Connor, H; Gerofi, J; Sainsbury, Amanda; Caterson, I; Johnson, NL
Mar-2013A Continuous, Fluorescence-based Assay of ยต-Opioid Receptor Activation in AtT-20 CellsKnapman, Alisa; Santiago, Marina; Du, Yan Ping; Bennallack, Philip R.; Christie, Macdonald J.; Connor, Mark; Discipline of Pharmacology
13-Aug-2015The contrabass as a vehicle for Australian music; how a small repertoire can inform the creative output of one composerCoyle, James
27-Feb-2015Contraceptive Sterilisation: A History of Tubal Ligation and Vasectomy in Twentieth Century Australia, 1926-86Barratt, Tiarne
2007Contract formation in open electronic networksMik, Eliza; Faculty of Law
31-Mar-2015Contract Theory-Based Cooperative Relay Communication in Cellular NetworksNazari, Bahareh
2009Contracting Public Transport Infrastructure: Recent experience with the Dutch High Speed Line and the Amsterdam North-South Metro LinePriemus, Hugo
15-Feb-2013Contracting-out and Regulating Labour Standards: NSW Government School CleanersHolley, Sasha Louise
Nov-1990Contracts in the Political Economy of a NationButler, Gavan; Economics
10-Dec-2012Contractual Approach to Optimising Risk Sharing: A Quantitative Study of the Multidimensional Nature of Risk in Private Provision of Road InfrastructureChung, Demi