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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2014Conserved Class of Queen Pheromones Stops Social Insect Worker ReproductionCaliari Oliveira, R; Van Oystaeyen, A; Holman, L; Van Zweden, J.S; Romero, C; Oi, C.A; D'Ettorre, P; Khalesi, M; Billen, J; Wackers, F; Millar, J.G; Wenseleers, T
Jul-2014Conserved microsatellites as broadly applicable genetic markers: a case study in antsButler, Ian; Siletti, Kimberly; Oxley, Peter; Kronauer, Daniel
2008Conserving crop diversity: navigating politics and climate change to create a global systemFowler Cary
2005Consideration Of Quality Criteria When Awarding Bus Traffic ContractsRosenberg, Marja; Erämetsä, Pirkko; Krook, Åsa
2011Consilience: Saving the Great Barrier Reef 1962-1975Ford, Phoebe; Department of History
5-Sep-2014Consistent Estimation of Linear Regression Models Using Matched DataProkhorov, Artem; Hirukawa, Masayuki; Discipline of Business Analytics
8-Feb-2016Consonant agendas? Priorities of directors and student members of vocal ensembles in Sydney Anglican SchoolsMiles, Michaela Ena
2002Constantly I write this happily : encountering Lyn HejinianFagan, Kate; Department of English
May-2001The constitution, the 'nationhood power' and education before 1950Spaull, Andy
1999Constitutive models for carbonate sand and their application to footing problemsIslam, Mohammed Kabirul; Department of Civil Engineering
Jul-2014Constitutive protection, mismatch, and the role of small RNA in transgenerational immune memory in the bumblebee Bombus terrestrisBarribeau, Seth; Schmid-Hempel, Paul; Sadd, Ben
2003Construct-oriented model of adaptability for use in selection contextsGriffin, Barbara N
Apr-2016Constructing co-design: public servants' perspectives on the purpose and practice of collaborative service designSantos, Rebecca Healy
17-Jun-2008Constructing remnants: Determining strategies for Performance DocumentationEmerson, Russell; Department of Performance Studies
2014The Construction and Reconstruction of Gender and Identity through Food in IndonesiaNope-Williams, Christina Yaneta Marselina
2008Construction of an Euchromatin Enriched Genomic DNA library in wheat and development of STS marker setsHeo HW; Lee SK; Oh PR; Kim HS; Kang MS; Park CS; Woo SH; Hwang JJ; Kim SJ
29-Aug-2014The construction of comfort women as social policy problem: with the focus on the South Korean government responseAn, Seojin
2008Construction of SSR linkage map and QTL mapping for spike characters in common wheat RIL populationManickavelu A; Kawaura K; Imamura H; Mori M; Ogihara Y
30-Oct-2005Construction Of User-Friendly Plant Expression Vectors Using Rice PromotersUpadhyaya, Narayana M; Blanchard, Christopher
2011Constructive Interpretation in Design ThinkingKelly, Nick