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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Mar-2018COMPOSING SPACE IN MIXED MUSICMarland, Thomas Joseph
2008Composite interval mapping and stability analysis for bread making quality and yield traits in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)Elangovan M; Rai R; Dholakia BB; Lagu MD; Tiwari R; Gupta RK; Rao VS; Ríder MS; Gupta VS
15-Jun-2015Composite Visions: Writing and Photography in American ModernismBeeston, Alix Mallory
2008Composition and location of wheat BAC sequences marked by Aegilops speltoides subtelomeric repeatsSalina EA; Sergeeva EM; Adonina IG; Shcherban AB; Belcram H; Huneau C; Chalhoub B
31-Mar-2005The Composition of the Modernist Book: Ulysses, A Draft of XXX Cantos and The Making of Americans.Menzies-Pike, Catriona Jane
2001Composition, assessment and pedagogy in NSW senior secondary music educationBeston, Pauline
14-Jul-2016Compositional Ethnomusicology and the Tahitian Musical Landscape: Towards Meta-Sustainability through Creative Practice Research Informed by Ethnographic FieldworkColson, Geoffroy
24-Feb-2016Compositional process and the creation of oil, steam, and steel - a mechanistic concerto for alto saxophone and stringsColes, Adelaide Elizabeth
13-Jan-2016Compositions Combining Acoustic, Electro-Acoustic And Synthetic Instruments For Modern Jazz PerformanceKemp, David James
21-Mar-2007A Comprehensive Architecture for the Cooperative Guidance and Control of Autonomous Ground and Air VehiclesPham, Ngoc Hai
13-Apr-2017A comprehensive risk factor analysis of Escherichia coli disease in the piggery environment.van Breda, Lechelle Kim
30-Sep-2015Comprehensive sector-wide strategies to prevent and control obesity: what are the potential health and broader societal benefits? A case study from AustraliaKite, James; Hector, Debra; St George, Alexis; Pedisic, Zeljko; Phongsavan, Philayrath; Bauman, Adrian; Mitchell, Jo; Bellew, Bill
14-Jan-2016Comprehensive sector-wide strategies to prevent and control obesity: what are the potential health and broader societal benefits? A case study from Australia – Online supplementary materialKite, James; Hector, Debra; St George, A; Pedisic, Z; Phongsavan, P; Bauman, A; Mitchell, J; Bellew, B
29-Mar-2017A Comprehensive Study and Optimization of Solar and TEG based Power Systems for Outer Space ApplicationsKwan, Trevor Hocksun
28-Sep-2015A Comprehensive Study of the Australian Commercial Insectary Industry and its Implications for Augmentative Biological ControlBegum, Mahmuda
27-Aug-2012Compression [short story]. [With accompanying letter to John Campbell, editor of Analog, together with Campbell's rejection letter]Graham, Ronald E.; Campbell, John
2003Compression Stability of High Strength Steel Sections with Low Strain-HardeningYANG, Demao
2009Compressors for miniature unmanned aerospace propulsion systemsLing, Jack C. L.; School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
13-Aug-2013Compromised margin: Migration and Agrarian Transformation in the northeastern Thai-Lao BorderlandsRungmanee, Soimart
11-Apr-2017Compulsive Exercise in Adolescents with Anorexia NervosaNoetel, Melissa Dianne