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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2014Competition or environmental filtering ? A trait-based perspective of ant communitiesBudaviciute, Silvija; Cabeza, Mar; Blanchet, F. Guillaume; Roslin, Tomas
1992Competition Policy and the British Bus Industry: The Case of MergersPreston, John
Apr-2006Competition, Learning and Persistence in the Effects of Unmeritocratic Hiring DecisionsCooper, Peter; Economics
Jun-2009Competition, “welfare” and macroeconomics– a classical/Sraffian perspectiveWhite, Graham; Discipline of Economics
16-Dec-2014Competitive Bidding in Supply ChainsShao, Lusheng
5-Dec-2013Competitive multi-player stochastic games with applications to multi-person financial contractsGuo, Ivan
1999Competitive pressure as an alternative to competitive tendering? The development of a performance contract in OsloNorheim, Bård
Nov-2013Competitive Screening of a Heterogeneous Labor Force and Corporate Teamwork AttitudeTymula, Agnieszka; School of Economics
2001Competitive tendering and deregulation in the British busMatthews, Bryan; Bristow, Abigail L.; Nash, Chris
2017Competitive Tendering and Other Forms of Contracting‐Out: Session B: Rail and Public TransportPreston, John; Link, Heike
2005Competitive tendering contracts: Why is NorwayHagen, Trine; Longva, Frode
2001Competitive Tendering for Bus Services: The Improved Adelaide ModelWallis, Ian; Bray, David
2007Competitive Tendering In The Netherlands: Central Planning Or Functional Specifications?van de Velde, Didier; Schipholt, Lars Lutje; Veeneman, Wijnand
2009Competitive tendering of rail services – a comparison of Britain and SwedenNash, Chris; Nilsson, Jan-Eric
1999Competitive Tendering of Railway Services in Sweden Extent and Effects 1989-1999Alexandersson, Gunnar; Hultén, Staffan
1976Complaints against policeSydney Institute of Criminology; The Institute of Criminology; Sydney University Law School
21-Jul-2009Complementary Protection in Australia: Filling the Gap in the Protection of Asylum SeekersFarrelly, Sarah; Master of Human Rights
2014Complementing Distance based Charges with Discounted Registration Fees in the Reform of Road User Charges: the Impact for Motorists and Government RevenueHensher, David A.; Mulley, Corinne
Mar-2016The completeness of electronic medical record data for patients with type 2 diabetes in primary care and its implications for computer modelling of predicted clinical outcomes.Staff, Michael; Roberts, Chris; March, Lyn