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28-Apr-2016A comparison of the experimental and theoretical charge density distributions in two polymorphic modifications of Piroxicam.Lai, Felcia; Du, Jonathan J.; Williams, Peter A.; VĂ¡radi, Linda; Baker, Daniel; Groundwater, Paul W.; Overgaard, Jacob; Platts, James A.; Hibbs, David E.
2012A comparison of the FACT-G and the Supportive Care Needs Survey (SCNS) in women with ovarian cancer: unidimensionality of constructsColagiuri, B; King, M; Butow, PN; McGrane, J; Luckett, T; Price, MA; Birney, D
1992A Comparison Of The Microleakage Of Direct Composite Resin Restorations And Composite Resin Inlays - In VitroTravis, Stephen Charles; Faculty of Dentistry
1995A Comparison Of The Tensile Properties Of Nickel Titanium Orthodontic WiresStanton, Geoffrey Robert; Faculty of Dentistry
2015Comparisons of results between three in-house biochemistry analysers and a commercial laboratory analyser for feline plasma using multiple quality specificationsBaral, Randolph M.; Dhand, Navneet K.; Krockenberger, Mark B.; Govendir, Merran; Veterinay Science
24-Feb-2015A compartive study of the retentive capability of the Sydney mini-screw with 6mm orthodontic anchorage miniscrews in the tibia and femur of New Zealand rabbits by removal torque testHoang, Peter Duc
Jul-2014The compartmentalized microbiota of a herbivore ant gutRodrigues, Pedro A P; Lanan, Michele; Lukasik, Piotr; Russel, Jacob A; Wheeler, Diana E
1985Compendium of soil properties and correlationsDjoenaidi, Winda J
27-Jul-2009Compensating egg donors, rather than paying them, is the way forwardNewson, A.J.
Mar-2016Compensating the global poor: ordinary citizens and liability for global injusticeWong, Stuart Tilden
1975Compensation and restitution for victims of crimeSydney Institute of Criminology; The Institute of Criminology; Sydney University Law School
May-2005Competency based assessment of speech pathology students' performance in the workplaceMcAllister, Sue Margery
2007Competency-based curriculum: Permanent transition in dentistryGerzina, Tania Maria; Brew, Angela; Sachs, Judyth
9-May-2013Competing for contracts with buyer uncertainty: Choosing price and quality variablesAnderson, Edward; Qian, Cheng; Business Analytics
Jul-2014Competing for limited numbers of individuals in quota-driven decisions.Myerscough, Mary; Schaerf, Timothy; Makinson, James; Beekman, Madeleine
Jul-2014Competing for limited numbers of individuals in quota-driven decisions.Myerscough, Mary; Schaerf, Timothy; Makinson, James; Beekman, Madeleine
Dec-2009Competition in Retailing: Lessons from the History of Rochdale Consumer Co-operatives in AustraliaPatmore, Greg; Balnave, Nikola
2001Competition In Urban Public Transport A World ViewCox, Wendell; Duthion, Brice
1999The Competition of Passenger Transport and the Increase of Passenger Train Speed in China: A Review and ProspectsZhao, Haipei; Wu, Jianhong
Jul-2014Competition or environmental filtering ? A trait-based perspective of ant communitiesBudaviciute, Silvija; Cabeza, Mar; Blanchet, F. Guillaume; Roslin, Tomas