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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2014A classification of bargaining solutions by evolutionary originHwang, Sung-Ha; Newton, Jonathan; School of Economics
31-Mar-2013The classification of Information and Communication Technology Investment in Financial AccountingKim, Sereyvuth
25-Mar-2014The clavichord during the classical era: a gentle voice but a giant among keyboardsKim, Yae Ji (Esther)
2007Clementia Caesaris : the creation and dissemination of a reputationAngel, Natalie; Department of Ancient History
20-Jan-2009Client needs and satisfaction in an HIV facilityChow, Maria Yui Kwan
15-May-2017Climate Assemblages: Governing the vulnerable in a neoliberal eraFrewer, Tim
2013Climate Change Law in Southeast Asia: Risk, Regulation and Regional InnovationWhitehead, Isabelle; Sydney Law School
2007Climate change, enhanced Greenhouse Gas Emissions and passenger transport – what can we do to make a difference?Hensher, David A.
FoS_116.TIF.jpg2-Dec-1963Climate to order-
17-Mar-2016Clinical & Genetic Characteristics of Sellar Masses Including Pituitary Adenomas and CraniopharyngiomasPreda, Veronica Angela
Sep-2008Clinical Algorithms for Maintaining Asthma ControlSothirajah, Shobana
1990A Clinical And An Anatomical Study Of The Closed Mouth Mandibular Block TechniqueDonkor, Peter; Faculty of Dentistry
1985A Clinical And Bacteriological Assessment Of The Effect Of Tinidazole And/Or Scaling On Moderate To Advanced Periodontitis In HumansRadinovich, Mira; Faculty of Dentistry
15-Dec-2014Clinical and genetic characterisation of dominant congenital spinal muscular atrophyOates, Emily Cathlin
22-Sep-2016Clinical and Genetic Studies in Inherited Arrhythmia SyndromesGray, Belinda Ruth
1984A Clinical And In Vitro Investigation Of Glass Ionomer Cement As An Adhesive For Direct Orthodontic BondingMarshall, Kenneth G; Faculty of Dentistry
31-Mar-2015Clinical and molecular aspects of adrenal tumourigenesisIp, Julian Chung Yan
2002Clinical and Molecular Biological Studies in Hirschsprung's DiseaseCroaker, Geoffrey David Hain
2009A Clinical And Molecular Genetic Study Of Oligodontia In Three Australian FamiliesMalandris, Michael; Faculty of Dentistry
6-Jan-2015Clinical and Neurophysiological correlates of cortical excitability changes studied using the cortical threshold tracking TMS in hyperkinetic and hypokinetic movement disordersKim, Samuel Doohwan