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25-Feb-2015Comparing ‘apples with apples’: professional accounting practices in university classroom discourseMcPherson, Jennifer Anne
2006Comparison And Reliability Assessment Of "P Distance" With Conventional Lower Incisor Measurements. A Long Cephalometric StudySrinivasan, Vasantha Kumar; Faculty of Dentistry
2-Nov-2009Comparison between Merchandise Imports into NSW From the USA and UAE from 1988 to 2009Sayegh, Gilbert
1996The comparison of a manual and an on-screen computerized method of cephalometric measurementGoldmann, Leah Julia; Faculty of Dentistry
Jul-2014Comparison of colony dynamics in native and invasive ant speciesLuque, Gloria; Courchamp, Franck
3-Apr-2013Comparison of Fetal Thymus Size in Normal and Preeclamptic Pregnancies: Is Thymus Size Smaller in Fetuses of Women with Preeclampsia?MOHAMED, Nahid
1993A Comparison Of Force Degradation Characteristics Of Conventional Versus Fluoride-Releasing Elastomeric Chain In VitroCuttamarsri, Charunee; Faculty of Dentistry
2002Comparison of human mammary epithelial cells immortalized by simian virus 40 T-Antigen or by the telomerase catalytic subunitToouli, CD; Huschtscha, LI; Neumann, AA; Noble, JR; Colgin, LM; Hukku, B; Reddel, RR
1984A Comparison Of In Vitro Shear Bond Strengths Of Orthodontic Bonding Units Following Use Of A Conventional Acid-Etch, And A Crystal-Forming Enamel ModifierBasser, David S; Faculty of Dentistry
Jun-1997Comparison of industrial and laboratory dough mixers and developmentLarsen, Nigel; Haigh, Kathy; Wilson, Arran; Higgins, Peggy; Quality Wheat CRC
2008A comparison of methods for assessing polyphenol oxidase status of wheatJennings R; Christopher MJ; Banks PM
1999Comparison of methods used to predict the in vivo digestibility of feeds in ruminantsKitessa, S; Flinn, P. C; Irish, G. G
2006Comparison Of New And 3-Month-Old Brush Heads In The Removal Of Plaque Using A Powered Toothbrush.Hogan, Louise; Faculty of Dentistry
2013Comparison of pre- and post-vaccination ovine Johne's disease prevalence using a Bayesian approachDhand, Navneet K.; Johnson, Wesley O.; Eppleston, Jeff; Whittington, Richard J.; Windsor, Peter A.; Veterinay Science
9-Sep-2016Comparison of pregnancy outcomes between planned homebirth and planned hospital birth in WA, 2002-2013Nathan, Elizabeth
2008Comparison of selecting spring wheat in conventional and organic environmentsFox SL; Kirk AP; Entz MH
27-Jun-2007A comparison of stuttering behavior and fluency improvement in english-mandarin bilinguals who stutterLim, Valerie Puay Cheng
1992Comparison Of Surface Treatments On The Strength Of Dental PorcelainKah, Melissa; Faculty of Dentistry
1999Comparison of techniques for measuring the water content of soil and other porous mediaGeorge, Brendan Hugh
27-Oct-2011A comparison of the 7th edition American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) and N1S3 nodal staging systems for metastatic cutaneous squamous cell carcinomaClark, Jonathan; Sydney School of Public Health