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11-Jan-2016The clinical, radiological features and long-term outcome of acute childhood infectious and antibody-associated encephalitisPillai, Sekhar Cyril
1997A Clinical, Radiological, Bone Densitometric And Histological Study Of The Repair Of A Frontoethmoidal Wall Defect Of The Orbit In Neonate Sheep Using A Poly (L/Dl) Lactide Membrane.Hee, Winston; Faculty of Dentistry
2009Clinically rationalising oral implant connection design. A critical review and proposal of a clinical research tool.Hooi, Ken; Faculty of Dentistry
15-Mar-2016Clinician-Led Improvement in Cancer Care (CLICC): Complementing Evidence-Based Medicine with Evidence-Based ImplementationBrown, Bernadette
-Clinicians’ understanding of ICD-10 diagnostic criteria for F62.0 enduring personality change after catastrophic experienceBeltran, Ruth O.
30-Jan-2015Clinico-pathological & genetic analysis of sudden cardiac death in the youngKizhakkepatt, Jipin Das
12-Dec-2013Clinicopathological and molecular studies of medullary thyroid carcinomaGundara, Justin Singh
2008Clonal diversity in carcinomas: its implications for tumour progression and the contribution made to it by epithelial-mesenchymal transitions.Lyons, J. Guy; Lobo, Erwin; Martorana, Anna M; Myerscough, Mary R; Discipline of Dermatology
2008Cloning and characterization of small RNAs from wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)Sun Q; Yao Y; Ni Z; Guo G; Du J
2007Closed Circuit Television in Public PlacesClancey, Garner; Sydney Institute of Criminology
Oct-1990The closed shop revisited: an essay on methodGill, Flora; Zappala, Jon
May-1991The closed shop: help or hindrance for the union movementZappalà, Gianni
12-Nov-2009Closing price manipulation and the integrity of stock exchangesPutniņš, Tālis J.
29-May-2013CLOSING THE GAP ON INDIGENOUS DISADVANTAGE: An analysis of provisions in the 2013-14 Budget and implementation of the Indigenous Chronic Disease PackageRussell, Lesley; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
Jul-2010Closing the Gap on Indigenous Disadvantage: Progress towards this important goalRussell, Lesley; Wenham, Sarah; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
2014Clothing the space of flesh: fashion as material narrationNorth, Stella
2013Cloud music: a cloud system.Randerson, Janine
2004CMC Modelling of Enclosure FiresCleary, Matthew John
Jul-2014Co-evolution is the primary force shaping termite gut microbial communitiesAbdul Rahman, Nurdyana; Willner, Dana; Parks, Donovan; Scheffrahn, Rudolf; Morrison, Mark; Hugenholtz, Philip