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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-1998Chemistry and Biochemistry of Grains - WorkshopCopeland, Les; Johnson, Clare; Quality Wheat CRC
Jul-2014The chemistry of competition: exploitation of heterospecific cues in antsBinz, Hellena; Foitzik, Susanne; Staab, Franziska; Menzel, Florian
1990The chemistry of vinyllead triacetatesStoermer, Martin John
31-Mar-2013Chemo-hydro-mechanical aspects of CO2 sequestration in deep coal seamsMasoudian Saadabad, Mohsen
31-Aug-2015Cherry Garcia: Transactions across Heterogeneous Data StoresDey, Akon Samir
2006Chewing-Induced Bacteraemia In Patients With Periodontal DiseaseMurphy, Anthony M; Faculty of Dentistry
13-Mar-2015Chiaroscuro: the uses of ‘homophobia’ and homophobic violence in armed conflicts and political transitionsSerrano-Amaya, Jose Fernando
2012Child and adolescent obesity in AsiaLi, Mu; Dibley, Michael J.
Jul-2004Child care and female employment decisions: A theoretical noteRammohan, Anu; Economics
Sep-1996Child care in a changing industrial relations environmentHeiler, Kathryn
2007Child care support programs for double income families in KoreaKim, Jeong-hee; Phillips, Ruth
1939The child guidance clinic.Burton, Nancy Wear
2007Child Oral Health And Community Support For Water Fluoridation In Lithgow New South WalesArora, Amit; Faculty of Dentistry
Dec-2006Child Sexual Abuse Allegations in the Family CourtFoote, Wendy Lee
1981Child welfare in the 80sSydney Institute of Criminology; The Institute of Criminology; Sydney University Law School
17-Aug-2017Child's Pose: Children's Yoga and the Complexities of NormalisationWong, Karen-Anne Robyn
2007The childcare policy challenge in AustraliaHill, Elizabeth; Pocock, Barbara
2007Childcare provision: Whose responsibility? Who pays?Goodfellow, Joy; Pocock, Barbara; Elliott, Alison; Hill, Elizabeth
2010Childhood genetic testing for familial cancer: should adoption make a difference?Newson, A.J.; Leonard, S. J.
2-Apr-2017Childhood hepatitis C virus infection: An Australian national surveillance study of incident cases over five yearsRaynes-Greenow, Camille; Polis, Suzanne; Elliott, Elizabeth; Hardikar, Winita; Kesson, Alison; Kaldor, John; Jones, Cheryl A